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The Human Road – The Poetry from Vietnam

Tran Thi Nuong, a poetess from the land of Blue Dragon, shares her five poems

The human road is very surprised

Close but when will we meet each other…?

Tran Thi Nuong

Tran Thi Nuong, hailing from Tu Hiep, Ha Hoa, Phu Tho, Vietnam, was born in 1953. She is member of Vietnam Writers’ Association, Vietnam Journalists’ Association, Vietnam Association of Literature and Arts of Ethnic Minorities and Hanoi Writers’ Association. She has to her credit 6 volumes of poems and has been honored with 15 awards of Central and Local Culture and Arts Associations.


The Human Road

So we do not see each other

In the glitter of human color.


Who stretches silk of gold silver spots?

I return to my motherland on a pinky sunny road.


Who waits to be there?

I am waiting for the pearl palm.


Who looks for alcohol to get drunk?

I am looking for human in ferment days


Who manages the cluttered place?

Relax, I light a lamp in poetry.


The human road is very surprised

Close but when will we meet each other…?

Blunt Things

Blunt knife digs crickets to grill

Blunt broom sweeps straws for people.

Blunt hoe scrapes off moss

Blunt words… pity for a time together.


In the garden of humanity

There are empty days, fruitless after the season.

There are days, lost everything with an emotionless look

The indifference hollows out the time.


The person who lost himself in my sentimental garden

An arrow fly as words cannot return

A dried branch that have stopped bloom at first

Don’t swap out the magic crossbow for emotion

No sesame seeds again the old mountain.


Do not know what to do in the forbidden garden

Sow my season in a flash of heavy rain.

I am in redundancy with myself in pale

I am infatuated with the force of spring.


The suffered days to gray hair

Love each other by a knife in the soul

The heart no longer loves

The life is as the death!

Love Can Tho  

I do not believe

A day must be far away

The land of Can Tho is so vast with rivers.

The old house is covered with moss for hundreds of years

How long will the love last?!

Thousand-year-old rivers and mountains stand in the incidents

Early storm, afternoon rain

The boat runs to target line.


Cuu Long Giang expelled away the enemy’s shadow…

Lac Hong descendants built a spacious country!

Oh Can Tho

Keep calling your name

My Khanh, Giai Xuan, Ninh Kieu, Binh Thuy…


To the North

Put my hands on chest

Still passionate with the name of Can Tho.


(Poems translated into English by Khanh Phuong)




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