The Last words – A Poem from Palestine

Hanan Awwad, a renowned Palestinian poet, writer and author of numerous books, shares her poem

Hanan Awwad | Palestine

Hanan Awwad- Palestine- Sindh Courier
Hanan Awwad signs her latest books in the 13th Palestine International Book Fair at the National Library in Ramallah, September 2023

Hanan Awwad was born in Jerusalem, Palestine, the thirteen of August of 1951. A prolific writer, doctorate in Canada, she is author of numerous books and has devoted her life to teaching and to show off the role of woman in the Palestinian cause. She is president of The Association of Palestinian Writers and the National Coordinator of World Poetry Movement, Palestine.

The Last words

Wrap me up oh Courtyards of Al-Aqsa

Take me with you oh rebellious days with redolent martyrs

With the wounded and freedom fighters,

Take me with you oh rebellious days beautified with glory´s scent

And immortals’ aroma,

Take me with you oh rebellious days ascending high

Like the motion of prayers in Palestine,

Take me with you oh rebellious days when dew overflows

The mornings of the children of awareness,

Men of the day preceding the great feast furnish their souls

As a gift to a homeland to which its knights are carried in nuptial celebration and return,

Take me and wipe sorrow off my forehead,

Bury my sleeplessness, vanish my worries, re-gather my charm

And spread my soul in the aura of Jasmine,

I unite with you, with all moments,

Oh unity of the soul in homelands drawn in the struggle of the Rebellious.

Oh path of aloof war lovers ascending

There is a limit for life

Oh lovers´ path to God saying farewell to the world´s thrones, its delicacies, its gardens heading towards

A journey for struggle,

Hurling stones of defiance at those who stood in the way of light

Please I beg you those righteous Muhammads on the heights

And in the lowly world as well,

Do not turn back the caravan if it seeks refuge with you from every wane.

Take me with you oh days

Take me with you oh glories

When your appearances approached,

I recognized them before they emerged,

With them I moved before the waves of love of God broke out, unified in God

Towards the sublime homeland, you come near the time of travel

Crossing time, the harbingers of awakening,

The calls for martyrdom and perils of Pride

You approach with warmth as a promise becoming

In the rise of the dawns of our city, you draw near

The warmth of our revolution burst into flames

No migration but from you to you

No reduction but of your time in haste as the Pledge is near.

No departure but for distances towards you

No expatriation but sailing in your eyes.


Courtesy: Ashraf Aboul Yazid, an eminent poet, novelist, travelogue writer and journalist from Egypt. 







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