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The Odor of Happiness – Poetry from Uzbekistan

The Odor of Happiness – Poetry from Uzbekistan

The golden braided Sun comes on the fiery maned and swift-flying wing, a sweet breath spreads out the odor of happiness comes from life.

[author title=”Makhliyokhon Umirzakova” image=”https://sindhcourier.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Makhliyokhon-Umirzakova-Uzbek-Sindh-Courier.jpg”]Makhliyokhon Umirzakova was born on November 22, 1990 in the city of Margilan in Fergana region. She is a student of the faculty of art history of the Institute of National Art and Design in the name of Kamoliddin Behzod. She was a participant in the Republic seminar “The school of talent”. She became the winner of the State Scholarship – Navoi in the 2020 – 2021 academic years. Her first poetry book “Tuyg ‘ular alangasi” (The Flame of Feelings) was published by Writers Union in 2021.[/author]


The Odor of Happiness

Light leaks from the embrace of mountains,

Sensitive trees wake up.

Empty baskets

Roll down the arbor.


In the early morning, my mother builds fire in tandoor,

And she bakes kindness in tandoor.

She fills the embrace of baskets,

Every morning appreciates it.


She sprays water over the drowsy courtyard,

And she wakens lazy soil.

As if it kisses on its forehead,

The dawn begins wakening the village.


The golden braided Sun comes

On the fiery maned and swift-flying wing

A sweet breath spreads out,

The odor of happiness comes from life.

My childhood

My childhood remained in childhood,

The wave of life took it to the strange coasts.

In Margilan a weeping willow waited for me as my grandma,

And its shoulders sank.


The smell of flower tulip remained on my nose,

The song of butterfly remained in my ear.

I handed to the sun snowdrops,

The top of my fingers was burned.


I want to throw my sorrow into the large canals,

I want to taste my mother’s halvah.

I want to sip water from the spring water of pureness

And return those moments.

Years, roads

My father says: “My pure daughter,”

His eyes fill with tears.

Do I remind my grandma?

Do I look like her myself, or my eyebrows?


 I was a child and I didn’t realize,

Why my father looked with longing

Why he liked me for my long dress, tassel,

And my simple-mindedness!


Years, roads, longing, and separation,

Are your eyes wet for happiness?

Dad, tell me the truth,

Do I remind my grandma?

Discussion of books

“I am a new one, my cover is new,

My wing–page rustles.

Your cover’s color is pale,

And ink dripped on your page.”


“Don’t laugh on me, no; you desire to be like me,

I was read more than you.

If how many times I was read,

So many questions would be solved.”


As I listen to the discussion of books,

My amazement increases.

Whether they are new or old,

My respect for books increases.


Where did you go burning my heart?

What for you became upset, love?

Did emotions end?

The talking finished?


Tongue-less yellow loaves stayed,

In our trace, traces

As a crane that lost its way over the night sky

The tear is in our eyes.


Separation, why are you so bitter pain?

There is no way to my past?

If I wanted to tell the stars a secret,

Their eyebrows would be also wet.


Where did you go, dear torture…


The sheet of silence became soaking wet,

The moon made a plopping sound and swam in the stream.

The pearls of the night in the sky

Added beauty to that gracefulness!


I remembered you on that peaceful night,

A bitter pain sliced my heart.

My feelings dripped from my eyes like the stars,

Where are you, darling? Reply, reply…


The full moon was tearing the darkness into pieces,

My lover like heart was breaking into pieces.

Didn’t you know that I was in the world?

Did my wild wish reach you?


Maybe you will forget my fiery feelings,

Maybe this pain is strange for you.

Tell me, do you see these stars?

Do you feel the sound of the night?


Do you know what for the sheet of silence is wet?

You never know, people who knew it are closer to God.

For that reason a flash that called love

Brightens the nights of my life!


Spring came to see you,

The moon is going to stay on your dimple.

Kindness and love in your heart,

Will give the world beauty!


Woman, looking from your trace,

Drunkenly autumn sifted loaves.

When you walk with loyalty,

The pains of winter become better.


 Woman, your kindness is a gift for summer,

The world that got cold will heat up.

Woman, in your four sides,

A blessed word spins.


A mill of ancient life,

Touches your heart and wheeled.

If someone can take care of you,

Then he will be a human,

Then he will turn into a real man. 

Looking back from time

I understood that what is in the heat,

I am the lightning as much as the sky.

I walked on purpose,

Looking back from the time!


My soul descended to my eyes,

It is getting older in my heart.

My mind that was taken by the wind

Is turning into my power!


There is a rebellion from my heart

To pupils of my eyes

I flew without containing myself

In the dark falls!


What I lost or what I found

From the seas of life

I couldn’t fit in the coast

In the highlands of my soul!


Sometimes I need peacefulness,

Sometimes I need silence.

So I walked on purpose

Looking back from the time!