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The Sharpest Swords go through the Hottest Fire

The Sharpest Swords go through the Hottest Fire
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Take this opportunity to recognize that the chaos in your life is actually forging you and improving you because you’re choosing to press on when everybody else is falling off.

Ashfaque Ali Sangi | Karachi Sindh

Iron doesn’t become a sword until it’s burned and beaten in fire. Your life is like iron and it’s getting burned and beaten into a sharp sword called your life, are you ready to be beaten and beaten, because the sharpest swords go through the hottest fire. Are you ready? because what you’re going through in life right now is beating you down from the money problems to the relationships, to the quarantine, to the lack of food, whatever it is, that you’re dealing with in life right now it’s taking you out and it’s your responsibility to sharpen your sword to take the disaster and crisis that you’re going through in your life right now and to make you better.

Every single one of you who is struggling right now, need to understand this. What you’re going through right now is necessary. You got an opportunity right now to take that horrible situation that you’re going through and make it the best thing that ever happened or you can give up; you can give up where you are and surrender and act like nothing changed in your life but there’s no progression in that so you got to ask yourself ‘where is my life never changing? How come it’s always the same situation over and over again?’ Well stop giving up and stop letting the bad situations that happen in your life and do something about it.

Take this opportunity to recognize that the chaos in your life is actually forging you and improving you because you’re choosing to press on when everybody else is falling off. Do you get angry? Are you sad? Do you have depression? you need to use it for your fuel, you need to use it to keep going, you need to say this was me and I need to get better; this was who I am and it’s not anymore because I want more and I’m getting sharper and I’m growing stronger. This is how you look at hardships. This is how you look at frustration, you look at it as a tool that’s teaching you lessons that are going to become valuable to you; may be tomorrow but for sure in the near future. And others are not going to have them because they’re not willing to push on. You’ve to find the opportunities in your struggle; you have to find the light, and you have to find a way to make it better.

When you’re in the worst situation, you’ve ever been in. Okay, so if you’re struggling right now and you’re having a hard time and you’re pissed off and you’re frustrated, know two thing – 1. You’re not alone.  2. This is necessary for you to get where you want to go, and if you quit, if you falter, if you stop all the pain will be for nothing. You need to remember that, you got people that are counting on you, you got people that are depending on your success and you’re sitting around acting like you’re the victim; you need to get out of that victim mode and you need to start going for what you know; you need to do.

Your lack of discipline is an insult to all the people who believe in you. This isn’t about impressing others; this is about bettering yourself. Some people want it, some people wish for it and others make happen. This is what champions do, this is what people, who win perpetually, do; they don’t care what’s happening in the world, they don’t let it distract them. Do those things make it harder for them to do it? Yes but what does it mean? It means that we focus, it means we get more discipline, it means we prioritize and it means we keep moving forward because when everybody else is falling off, when everybody else is looking around at the chaos and the crazy and the social temperature and the pandemic and the economy and all these other things, we could put in a million things while they’re all stopping their progress.

Who are you? You got a heartbeat than you can do it because your determination is going to make it a reality. Stop whining and start grinding, because you got opportunities in front of you, you’re just not seeing the bigger picture, how many risks are you able to take? How uncomfortable can you go until you need to get where you need to be? because the biggest enemy you got right now is in between your ears; what you’re looking for is not out there; it’s within, it’s your time to become better, it’s your time to live your best life and it’s your opportunity. Are you going to take it? It’s time to put in the hard work. You didn’t know that you can do; it’s time for you to make a change and do something you’ve never done because you got have the attitude that when you get knocked down, you’re getting right back up even though you’re bloody, beaten and bruised; you’re getting break up because you’ve got a goal and you’ve got a dream that you’re trying to accomplish.

This is what winners do, what you’re going through; yes I can empathize, I have a very hard time some days. Some days I don’t want to do, some days I don’t do but most of the days I do so understand what you’re going through the pain you are feeling, it has a return, if you’re willing to recognize it. No matter how much it hurts right now, someday you will look back and realize your struggles changed your life for the better. No matter how hard the past was, you can always start over; if you can’t change your situation then you need to start changing your mindset because when you stop saying, “I can’t find the way” and start saying, “I got to find the way to make this happen” is when your life starts to change. So it’s up to you. Are you going to start rusting yourself from the inside, from the Iron? Are you going to turn yourself into a sword, strong and sharp beaten through the fire? It’s up to you.

This is your life. You know who you are, so surround yourself with the people that feel the same. It’s never too late to surround yourself with the people that you want to become. The happiest and most successful people in this world took the hardest moment in their life and flipped them into the best thing that ever happened to them. What you’re going through right now is necessary, because what’s happening right now is, you are forging the skills, you are forging the determination, you are forging the grit, you are forging the fortitude, you are forging all the things that nobody else is gaining, because they’re sitting on their hands and you’re willing to push through. This fire you’re feeling, this pressure you’re feeling, this frustration your feeling, ‘This is what, is going to make you into the weapon’ that you are going to become. It will build the life that you are out to build.



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