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Think Differently
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Maria Khushk

Maria Khushk-Sindh CourierMaria Khushk is a freelance writer based in Hyderabad Sindh. She is author of a book titled ‘‘The Cage of Innocence’. She also contributes articles to Sindh Courier.

Think Differently

Hina and Yusra were best friends since childhood. Hina was shy, innocent and avoided using the word ‘No’ and always tried to make everyone happy and never share her own ideas with anyone.

One day in school the teacher gave an assignment in pairs. Hina and Yusra, working in pair, decided to work in the evening at Yusra’s home. Hina reached at Yusra’s house and they started working on their assignment. Yusra was the only one who was discussing about the topic while trying to cut off Hina’s sentences in the middle. Hina was getting enraged but tried not to burst out because it was not in her habit.

‘Hina, what do you think about this graph?’ Yusra asked.

‘I think…’

Hina tried to add something but as usual Yusra cut her off time and again.

‘I think this graph works with our topic.’ Yusra explained.

‘Yes, but if…’

Yusra was ignoring her words and ideas and Hina was not able to explain herself because she didn’t want to hurt best friend. At last Yusra made the assignment and Hina came back home disheartened and hopelessly.

‘Why do you look so upset?’ Hina’s mother asked.

‘I and Yusra were assigned for a team assignment and I wanted to add some ideas in it. I tried to explain many times but I failed.’


‘I don’t want to hurt my friend and I was afraid of losing her friendship.’

‘My dear daughter, don’t lose your hope. Sometimes it is okay to say ‘No’ and share your own ideas with friends and parents. And don’t forget that team assignment is to think differently and come-up with unique ideas.’

Hina thought she was always quiet in every situation. Even she was quiet in her ups and downs of life. The next day, Hina explained her ideas to Yusra as she finished with her explanation about the topic and graph.

‘Amazing! Why didn’t you come up with this yesterday?’ Yusra asked.

‘I was afraid that it would make you upset.’

‘I apologize if I cut you off many times.’

Later, they sat together and combined their ideas for an assignment.





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