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Treacherous Role of Armies Worldwide

Treacherous Role of Armies Worldwide
Title of the book 'Treacherous Role of Armies Worldwide'

Octogenarian author Yussouf Shaheen discusses the treacherous role of the European Armies, as well as of Russia, China, USA, India and other countries of the world.

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Amidst the ongoing Russia-Ukraine Military Conflict, a new book titled ‘Treacherous Role of Armies Worldwide’ has come out in the market.

Octogenarian author Yussouf Shaheen discusses the treacherous role of the European Armies, as well as of Russia, China, USA, India and other countries of the world. The book has been published by Amazon. His previous books published by Amazon include ‘Artificial Borders of the World’, ‘Rise and Fall of the Gods’ and others. His other remarkable book are ‘The World of Conquerors’, ‘William the Bastard and His Descendants’, ‘Rise and Fall of Sanskrit’ and “’all of Native Languages of the Americas’.

Yussouf Shaheen
Yussouf Shaheen – Photo Courtesy: Mushtaq Rajpar/Twitter

Yussouf Shaheen, writer, intellectual, poet, historian and a former senator, hailing from Nasarpur town of Sindh, was born on April 3, 1939. An acclaimed name in Sindhi literature, history and journalism, he is also a research scholar. His area of research encompasses history, religions, mythologies and languages of the world. He is author of around two dozen books.

The author has dedicated his book to those mothers who, since ages have been receiving the dead bodies of their young sons murdered during wars maneuvered by the rulers. They were hired as soldiers treated as ‘slaves’ to the will of their masters and not allowed even to say ‘no’ while facing the ‘forced death’.

Yussouf Shaheen, who was among the first few journalists and writers of the country arrested on July 19, 1977 just two weeks after the military takeover in Pakistan on July 5, 1977, and was tried for his writing against stoning to death for adultery and amputation of the hand and foot for robbery, writes in the preface of his latest book that ‘Army Institutions are the worst form of ‘slavery’ that still exists in the present modern age of 21st century with full force. Today, the army institutions have hired rather purchased lives of over 40 million of young and healthy sons throughout the world who are bound to lay down their lives at the command of their masters. They are not allowed to say ‘no’ against the ‘forced death’. They are ‘slaves’, not the owners of their own lives. They are dumped in barracks as bad as ‘death cells’ to be consumed as fodder of wars maneuvered by the rulers.”

“They are trained, how to kill and destroy the settlements on large scale. Throughout the ages, they have murdered, millions of innocent peoples at the command of their masters. Due to nonstop wars, millions of people were starved to death followed by diseases created in the aftermath of wars. They enslave time and again all the nations of the world and looted their wealth,” Shaheen writes.

He argues that ‘Forced military service’ or ‘Forced induction in army’ comes under the UN clause of Slavery or ‘Military Slavery’. “Throughout history, it has remained a common practice that our young sons are forced to join military service under various slogans. The father of four sons, had to hand over three of his sons required to be utilized in wars. The practice also negates man’s fundamental right—the right to life,” he contended.

Shaheen further writes, “Today, all over the world, “Forced induction of young people” in a military service is a common practice. In the United States, every male resident is required by law to be registered with the Selective Service System within 30 days following his 18th birthday and be available for a draft. Similar practice with minor changes is carried in England, Norway, the Netherlands, Sweden, Israel, Austria, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece and others.”

Armies were raised mainly by the conquerors to enslave and loot all the nations of the world. Throughout the history, no nation was allowed to survive independently with its own resources; even the defeated nations were forced to follow the religious faith, languages and cultures of the conquerors. This is how the invaders, murderers and bandits established their own kingdoms and empires with the collusion of the armies, he writes referring to the historical perspective.

Yussouf Shaheen
Yussouf Shaheen

Here are some more excerpts from the preface:

Since ages ‘conquest’ is considered as the most ‘sacred job’ for the kings and emperors. During the process of conquest for establishing kingdoms and empires, around 100 to 150 million people are being killed in each century. The defeated nations were kept in chains and their wealth and resources looted for centuries together. The conquerors demolished towns, cities and other settlements, generated famines along with multiple deadly diseases. They also kidnapped and raped young girls, wives, daughters and sisters of the defeated nations. We find most of the history books with lengthy chapters written in golden words in praise of the conquerors – kings and emperors. It is strange to note that such a people – hardened criminals become ‘Defender’ and Head of our religious faiths.

In between the 18th and 20th century d countries were born out of the borders of the falling empires and kingdoms. Most of their borders are either artificial or disputed; they had to spend more than half of their national income on defence. Many newly born countries have taken refuge for their survival in various federations. Over 80 countries have experienced military rule. They were repeatedly conquered by their own army commanders. Around 44 countries of the world are still controlled and headed by those monarchs, whose forefathers conquered them at various stages, some in the medieval period or antiquity, such as, England, Norway, Denmark, and Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Morocco, Malaysia and others.

Throughout history, conquest is not considered a crime. No any court of law is prepared to ban ‘kingship’ – a major source of all crimes and miseries. For how long, terrorists, murderers, rapists and conquerors would be allowed to rule over the humanity. It is again amazing that the conquerors or the great terrorists and murderers are buried after death in huge palatial tombs with high honors as our heroes.

After a long gap of about 4,800 years, situation changed when a new country, in the name of “United States of America” was born during 1776, and the ‘armies’ achieved ‘national status’ for the first time in history. From 1776 until this day, a system of kingship – a supreme authority vested in a single person ended in many countries, but 54 major countries of the world are still controlled by the monarchs. Queen Elizabeth II of England is in forefront, who is the owner and ruler of over 42 major countries and territories of the world, including, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Bahamas and many others. All of these countries were conquered by her Norman forefathers based at Normandy (part of France). England itself was conquered in 1066 by her great-grand father William the Bastard, a Viking and Duke of Normandy. From 1066 until this day England is controlled and ruled by the Norman invaders.

Similarly, the rulers of the main land China (People’s Republic of China) inherited on October 1, 1949 at least 24 Chinese major states (former kingdoms) conquered during the imperial dynasties. For over 3000 years, the army of China remained loyal only to the invaders and conquerors.

All the ‘armies’ serving the above countries are not ‘national armies’, not loyal to their motherlands, nor faithful to their people, but absolutely subservient, rather slave to the Norman invaders known as the monarchs of Britain. The army is bound under the “Oath of Allegiance” to remain loyal and faithful personally to the Norman monarchs, now descended by the Queen Elizabeth II.

Further it is also necessary to clarify that the ‘armies’ since ages never had remained “National subject” of any nation but ‘personal force’ of the monarchs or the conquerors, to whom they are bound to remain loyal, subservient or slave. Armies are bound to lay down their lives, not for any nation, but for the pleasure of the monarchs only. They are paid for it.

In between the 16th and 19th centuries, more or less all of the European monarchs prepared to enslave the entire humanity. The craze of ‘conquest’ spread all over the Europe like ‘infectious disease’ that transmitted from one monarch to another. They all invaded and conquered major parts of the world under the cover of ‘Trade, Fraud and Force’. They enslaved hundreds of the nations all over the world, became rich by looting their wealth, manpower and resources. Eventually they established empires known as the Portuguese Empire, Spanish Empire, French Empire, British Empire, German Empire, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Danish Empire, Tsar Russia and others. All of them imposed their own languages and religious faiths over the defeated people.

These soldiers were not considered as human beings, but a tool of wars; the death of nine million soldiers never remained a subject of discussion; they were paid to die whenever desired by their masters. No ruler was made answerable or accountable to their mothers, fathers, sons and daughters. According to the culture of war, the death of nine million soldiers was not a crime, nor a murder of our young sons. During the war, around seven million civilians were also killed, further in genocides and the influenza pandemic of 1918 caused more death of 50 million people worldwide.

The death of civilians remained a meaningless issue; the civilians are always killed during wars since ages; no one has ever registered a complaint in any court of law for the murder of over seven million civilians. The civilians survive and take breath in the lands solely owned by the kings and emperors.

However, the death of nine million soldiers and seven million civilians could not save the Austro-Hungarian Empire that collapsed along with the German, Ottoman, and Russian Empire by 1917.

The First World War was originated in Europe, instigated by the rulers of the most civilized nations of Europe that ended on November 11, 1918. But the destruction and death of around 16 million soldiers and 14 million civilians satisfy of the European war mongers. They, with a gap of only 20 years, launched the Second World War, the deadliest conflict in human history that lasted from 1939 to 1945.

The warring rulers threw their entire military strength; over 90 million soldiers from 191 countries landed in the war ground.  They were fully prepared to sacrifice their lives for their masters. However, after the Second World War, around 20 to 25 million soldiers lost their lives. Further around 85 million civilians were also killed for no reason; their wives, daughters and sisters were raped during the war. Further about 28 million deaths occurred from deliberate genocide, massacres, disease, and starvation.   Nuclear weapons were used against the people of Japan. The European economy collapsed with some 70% of its industrial infrastructure reduced to ruins.  In the Soviet Union alone 27 million civilians died, 1,710 cities and towns, 70,000 villages and 31,850 industrial establishments were smashed.

Finally most of the European colonial empires collapsed with their so-called sacred borders; as a result the world witnessed a great breakage in the world borders resulting in a birth of over 100 new countries in between 1918-1945, mostly with the disputed borders.

In India, we find Indra, a great warrior god, born out of a human mother and father, lord of a Hundred Powers, ‘conqueror’ and destroyer of the castles (settlements) in the Indus Valley Civilization, that was at that period one of the most civilized and advance civilization in the history of mankind. They laid down the foundation of science, technology, mathematics, engineering, agriculture and in many other fields of knowledge, during 2,600 BC. In 1,900 BC, Aryan migrations started in multiple waves from the Caspian Sea, present-day Russia and Kazakhstan, crossing Central Asia and Iran, they entered into Punjab, Cultural part of the Indus Valley Civilization, with a base at Mohenjo-Daro, in Sindh, Pakistan. The Aryan migrants brought with them 32 new gods and goddesses, headed by Indra.  In contrast, the people of Indus Valley had a belief in the Oneness of God, identified as ‘Veruna’, who never demanded worship from the human beings. As a result, a Secular, Worship less and Weapon Free Society was established in the Indus Valley that survived peacefully without wars for thousands of years until 1500 BC, when the Aryan migrants occupied all of the Indus Valley in a similar way as the European migrants and colonists occupied all of the Americas in between 16th and 20th century AD.


Excerpts from the preface of book published with consent of the author