Home Education Turkey to establish Greenhouse Facility at Sindh Agriculture University

Turkey to establish Greenhouse Facility at Sindh Agriculture University

Turkey to establish Greenhouse Facility at Sindh Agriculture University

SAU and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency Sign MoU to Establish Cutting-Edge Greenhouse Facility

Tandojam, Sindh

Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) and the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) signed on Friday February 23, 2023 a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility at SAU’s Tandojam campus.

In a brief ceremony held at the Senate Hall of the university, SAU Vice Chancellor, Dr. Fatah Marri, and the Coordinator of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA), Mr. Haleel Ibrahim Basaran, formally signed the MoU.

As per the agreement, SAU will host a cutting-edge greenhouse spanning 3,600 square feet, aimed at revolutionizing crop cultivation practices through innovative research and training initiatives.

SAU-Turkey-Agreement-Sindh-CourierAddressing the event, Vice Chancellor Dr. Fatah Marri, emphasized the friendly relations between Pakistan and Turkiye, applauding Turkey’s notable cooperation in agricultural development and research within Pakistan. He highlighted the potential for academic and research exchanges between universities in Turkiye and Pakistan, facilitated by this MoU.

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Dr. Marri further emphasized that this MoU would enhance relationships to safeguard food security, promote agricultural development, and manage economic resources effectively.

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Mr. Haleel Ibrahim Basaran, the Coordinator of TIKA, mentioned Turkiye’s support during the floods in Sindh, where they provided free wheat seeds to 1200 small farmers.

“Both countries will connect business innovation centers with research and academic exchanges in their universities,” underscoring the collaborative efforts between Turkiye and Pakistan in academia and innovation. He stated.

Dr. Manzoor Ali Abro, Dean of the faculty of Crop Protection, Dr. Muhammad Ismail Khumbhar, Dr. Imran Khatri, Dr. Abdul Wahid Baloch, Dr. Tanveer Fatima, Dr. Ibrahim Khaskheli, social activist Ms. Zahida Detho, Fatima Aziz representing TIKA, Dr. Tahseen Fatima, Dr. Irfan Ahmed Gillal, Dr. Muhammad Mithal along with others, attended the ceremony.




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