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Twin Sisters – A Short Story for Children

Twin Sisters – A Short Story for Children
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Maria Khushk

Maria-Khushk-Sindh-CourierMaria Khushk is a freelance writer based in Hyderabad Sindh. She is author of a book titled ‘‘The Cage of Innocence’. She also contributes articles to Sindh Courier.

Twin Sisters

Mr. Ahmed had twins at his home. Anna and Hina were identical twins. They were too naughty, and took advantage of their identical faces. They had shifted from a remote area to the city and got enrolled in the school when after the winter break the new academic year started.

As they were studying in the same class, the twins decided to play a prank with new students. They usually teased students and blamed each other.

One day, a new boy entered in the school. Anna welcomed him when he asked her, ‘Hi. I’m new in this school. Would you please tell me where the Grade 5 is?’

‘No, of course not, just follow me.’ Anna said.

Anna led him towards the empty class, as they had reached at the school before the time. Hina was already standing in the middle of the class.’

‘Who is she?’ the boy asked.



‘I do not see anyone,’ Anna said.

‘Ghost, ghost.’ The frightened boy ran out in a hurry but his head bumped into the door. He fell down on the floor, and the blood was oozing from his head.

Anna and Hina rushed to the staff room and asked teachers for help. The boy’s injuries made them realize that pranks hurt someone seriously, and can cause them death. They were worried about the new student as he was hospitalized.

After a few days, the boy became completely fine. He was back at school with his parents. The management called the twins.

‘This is Hina and Anna, the twins who pranked a little boy.’

‘We are sorry for the act.’ They also promised they wouldn’t do it again. The boy accepted their apology and they improved their behavior.




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