Home Health Vaccination Stalls setup at mosques in Hyderabad

Vaccination Stalls setup at mosques in Hyderabad

Vaccination Stalls setup at mosques in Hyderabad

Showing vaccination certificate declared mandatory while entering in wedding halls, restaurants, hospital OPDs, for travelling and appearing in job interview/test

Hyderabad: The District Administration of Hyderabad has established Covid-vaccination centers/stalls at various mosques in the city to ensure maximum vaccination coverage of citizens.

The district administration has setup vaccination centers at Qadamgah Moala Ali, shrine of Sakhi Abdul Wahab Jeelani, Faizan Madina Masjid, Tower Market Masjid, Lal Masjid and other mosques of city with the help of District Health Officer Dr. Lala Jaffar.

On Friday, following the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Hyderabad Faud Ghaffar Soomro, the revenue officers visited various mosques and inspected the vaccination process. Mukhtiarkar City Abubakar Sadhayo visited all the above mentioned mosques where a large number of worshipers had gathered for offering Juma prayers. The worshipers were also advised by sermons for wearing masks and getting them vaccinated, as although the covid cases are on decline but the coronavirus has not yet been eradicated and there might be an increase in such cases due to nonobservance of SOPs.

According to a press release of information Department, the worshipers and the mosque organizations have lauded the administration’s initiative.

Watch Video: Vaccination Stalls at Hyderabad Mosques 

Meanwhile, according to social media reports, the provincial health authorities have issued new orders according to which producing vaccination certificate for entrance in marriage halls, restaurants, hotels, job interviews and test etc. will be mandatory. Moreover, the entry of patients at OPDs in hospitals has also been linked to producing vaccination certificate while no patient could undergo surgery without showing such vaccination certificate. These conditions will apply on both public and private hospitals. Similarly, the passengers, having no vaccine certificates, will not be allowed to travel.


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