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Weeklong Cheti Chand 2023 Celebrations ended in Vadodara

Sindhi songs, dance program and dinner were arranged by Alkapuri Sindhi Association

Around 300 members of Sindhi community attended the program; enthusiast men and women danced to the tunes of Sindhi songs    

Sindh Courier

Vadodara, Gujarat, India  

The weeklong celebration of Cheti Chand, the New Sindhi Year, ended on Saturday March 25, 2023 with a program organized by Alkapuri Sindhi Association at Ridhi Sidhi Banquet Hall Vadodara (Baroda) city of Gujarat state of India. Vadodara-Cheti-Chand-SindhCourier-1

Vadodara-Chet-Chand-Sindh-CourierAccording to Mr. Haresh Agnani, the program included Bahrana Sahib and Music Party by Prakash Bhai. A number of Sindhi songs were sung on this occasion.

Lord Jhulelal

Mrs. Sunita Subhash Vaswani performed on Sufi Kalam of Sant Kanwarram.

One mimicry artist performed on song of Devanand. Sindhi ladies danced on Sindhi songs.Vadodara-Cheti-Chand-SindhCourier-2

Vadodara-Chet-Chand-Sindh-Courier-2Main organizers of the association are Mr. Kamal Vazirani, Mr Raju Chandani and Mr. Ramesh Gyanchandani advocate.

Approximately 300 Sindhis attended the Function. Program was followed by delicious pure Sindhi dinner.

The weeklong celebrations had started from March 18, 2023.


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