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Wheat Quota Issue: Dadu District’s Chaki Owners Observe Strike

Wheat Quota Issue: Dadu District’s Chaki Owners Observe Strike
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Chaki Owners lodge protest against Sindh Food Officials for curtailing monthly quota of 40, 000 wheat bags to 15000 bags.

By Allah Bux Khushik

Dadu, Sindh

Chaki owners of Dadu district observed strike on Tuesday, kept closed their Chaki and stopped wheat flour supply to public in the district for alleged wheat quota issue with food department.

Chaki Association Dadu district president Sikandar Ali Lakhair, Irfan Ali Shaikh, Zahid Hussain Lashari, Farooq Ahmed Korejo and other Chaki owners of district have recoded their protest against food department for alleged decrease in their quota of wheat.

Chaki Association president Sikandar Ali Lakhair alleged that food department has decreased Dadu district’s wheat quota without any reason. He said that last year they had received forty thousand bags weighing 100 kg each for 243 Chaki (small wheat grinding units) owners in Dadu, Mehar, Johi and Khairpur Nathan Shah towns but now food officials have released only fifteen thousand wheat bags for one month.

He said that after floods, Dadu district was worst affected in Sindh but food department has decreased quota of district which is injustice because flood affected people of KN Shah, Mehar and Johi Talukas have migrated to Dadu city therefore population has increased but the wheat quota has decreased.

General Secrectry Irfan Ali Shaikh alleged that in Dadu district there are two Floor Mills, but food department officials have provided thirty thousand wheat bags for one month to them but have cut the quota of Chakis. He demanded food minister to take serious notice and provide them wheat as per quota or otherwise they would continue strike and would not start flour supply.

The conflict between the Chaki owners and food department officials over quota issue, has rendered many Chaki laborers jobless.

Meanwhile the market survey revealed that the price of wheat flour price has increased 35 rupee in per kg from Rs.65 to Rs.100 but district administration has failed to take serious action against profiteers.

This scribe contacted Food Inspector and Deputy Commissioner but they were not available for comment about alleged wheat quota issue of Chaki owners and hike in wheat flour price.



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