Love is an ultimatum … an all-encompassing force that cannot be measured or determined, only felt- Omar Khayyam

Khayyam’s love poems are filled with passion, amazement; with perfection and beauty beyond understanding.

A literary note by Andry-Andreja Jakus

My great-grandmother Eva was telling me miraculous stories on Khayyam that greatly marked and fashioned my vision of life’s essential questions.

His love poems are filled with passion, amazement; with perfection and beauty beyond understanding.

“A torn flower must be presented, a new poem must be ended, and a loved woman must be happy.”

We are immediately seduced by a convincing power of their simplicity.

“I consider days spent without the joys of love unnecessary and hateful.”

Khayyam’s poems possess a philosophical urge to make us not to forget that feelings are real, not only good or bed.

Seeing and sensing the REAL is what makes both life and love precious and authentic.

“Where the court administers love, all dialects are silent.”

“If heart doesn’t love, it becomes homeless.


These rubaiyas about love tell how much feeling fills the human soul and how devastated it feels when remains without love.

Khayyam openly speaks about his bitterness and selflessness.

He affirms that love, over the years, changes, grows, becomes deeper, calmer, and that passion is what cannot give a couple true growth in sentiments and belonging.

Many of his rubaiyas appeal to men, forcing them to take a deeper and more detailed look into their selves, their behavior and attitude towards us, women.

According to Omar, a man has to complete every issue or task with dignity and solidity of character.

“Nothing or everything” – there’s no middle ground here!

The words shared on love have a deep connotation regarding life priorities, human nature, and the foundations of the universe.

Rereading Khayyam’s rubaiyas, you’ll find a new meaning in them and fascinatedly follow the flight of thoughts of this great poet, which over and over again combine in the kind in a new way, like a rare verbal kaleidoscope.

Khayyam was primarily glorified by his literary and philosophical engagements.

He is also known as a mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer; one of the most distinguished and unique scientists ever seen and spoken of.


Andry-Andreja Jakus, a Professor at Hacettepe University, Zagreb, Croatia, is Academic Writer, Bibliographer, Lexicographer, Translator, Language Tutor and Reviewer. In her columns, she writes on poetry, philosophy, cultural studies, history of religions etc.

Courtesy: Andry-Andreja Jakus/LinkedIn – Published with permission of the author

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