Will the fog remember? – A Poem from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm

Kim Young Eun, an eminent award-winner poetess from Republic of Korea, shares her poem

Kim Young-Eun

Kim Young-Eun Korea PoetessKim Young-Eun is a contemporary Korean poet. She has received two literary awards and is the publisher of the literary magazine ‘Dasiolmunhak’. She is also the representative of the publishing company Dasiol. Her poetry often explores themes of nature, love, and human nature.

Will the fog remember?

The winter rain which doesn’t want to deepen

As the water level deepens, it becomes damp weather

And finally brings along the fog


The small fragment of memory that I forgot

Because I was busy living

Following the winter rain, I draw

Sceneries as light as feathers


Dreaming of a fairytale-like life

With question marks attached

I briefly set it aside

But it was always something

I wanted to unfold, a lost piece of a dream


I still haven’t achieved or let go of it

Even the fog becomes a longing, a current reality

A peacock that realizes loss

Sighs within the fog


안개는 기억하고 있을까

깊어지기 싫은 겨울비

깊어진 수위만큼 추적이더니

기어이 안개를 몰고 왔네


사느라 바빠 잊고 있던

작은 조각의 기억

겨울비 따라와

깃털 같은 풍경을 그리고 있네


동화 같은 삶을 꿈꾸며

물음표를 부여한 잠시 내려놓았지만

항시 펼치고 싶었던 상실한 꿈의 한조각


아직 이루지도 걷어내지도 못해

안개조차 그리움이 되고 현실

상실을 실감한 공작새 안개 속에 한숨짓고


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