WJC 2021 to discuss Post-Covid Era and Global Climate Issues

WJC 2021 to discuss Post-Covid Era and Global Climate IssuesThe 2-day virtual World Journalists Conference hosted by Journalists Association of Korea will begin on April 19

Seoul: The Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) has announced holding the World Journalists Conference 2021 to discuss post-covid era and global climate issues. This year too, it will be hosted online from April 19 to April 20.

The first day of this year’s World Journalists Conference will feature a discussion under the theme of “The Prospect of Post COVID Era and the Role of Journalism ” where journalists from around the world will come together to discuss the changes that have taken place in our lives through the pandemic .

“The pandemic has brought sweeping changes across our daily lives. Now, we make use of delivery services rather than personally going to markets and avoid famous sights in lieu of quiet and peaceful places to heal. Moreover, the industry’s topography underwent grand changes, particularly in the transfer of things off line to online spaces.”

“Given these trends, we seek to establish a space where people can share the information required for our lives to return to safe and peaceful ones and for us to prevent similar outbreaks in the future,” the JAK statement said.

The second theme of this year’s World Journalists Conference is “Global Climate Issues and the Role of Journalism” which will allow the delegates to discuss the accelerating crisis of climate change and environmental damage.

Since 2012, the JAK had been inviting the journalists worldwide to Korea to discuss the future of journalism and introduce the guests to the realities of the divided nation in the Korean Peninsula, as well as its rich tradition and beautiful culture. However, because of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, last year’s conference was held via video-conference. Thus, the JAK decided to hold this year’s event online as well to avoid the risks of infection among esteemed colleagues.


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