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Woman Soul – A Poem from Nepal

Woman Soul – A Poem from Nepal

Seeking woman existence, being warrior on earth. Seeking freedom of feather, ignoring the cage of restriction

Til Kumari Sharma, a multi-award winner poet and writer from Nepal, the Himalayan country, shares her poem   
Til Kumari- Nepal-Sindh CourierMs. Til Kumari Sharma is Multi Award Winner in writing from international sector. She is from Bhorle- Hile, Paiyun, Parbat, Gandaki West Nepal. She is pursuing PhD in English Literature from Singhania University Rajasthan, India. She has published a large number of poems, some essays, and stories and other literary writings in International Magazines, groups and anthologies from Russia, America, England, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Albania, Scotland, Greece, Philippines, Hungary, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Indonesia, Lebanon, Bangladesh, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria, Tunisia, Trinidad and Tobago, Spain, India, Nepal and many other countries. She is featured-poet and best-selling co-author too. She is world-renowned poet now. She has got gold, silver and excellent awards from different international groups of poetry. She is poet of World Record Book named HYPERPOEM. She is an international peace ambassador of Bangladesh and ambassador of Moncheri Escapes of India too. Her World Personality is published in MultiArt 8 Magazine from Argentina.

1_bmZSXDOKg4D4OTz2vKqzdQWoman Soul

Seeking woman existence

Being warrior on earth.

Seeking freedom of feather

Ignoring the cage of restriction.

The woman as I braver

Fighting alone in battlefield

Seeking justice from home to outside.

Woman is existence saver.

Woman as shining pearl

The survivor of earth

Glorious beauty in earth.

The kind hearted being.

The woman perfume of moral dignity

Educated hearts everywhere

Sublimity is within her mind and heart.

She is very brave warrior.


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