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Women and War – Poetry from Vietnam

Women and War – Poetry from Vietnam
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Women’s love

War’s ammunition

All join the battle.

Please offer Women


poetess Van Anh-Vietnam1 Sindh CourierPoetess Nguyen Van Anh was born on March 12, 1947. Her hometown is Xu Phuong – Thanh Chuong district– Nghe An province, Vietnam. She was a teacher who got Bachelor of Literature degree. She is member of Vietnam Writers’ Association and Nghe An Confederate Association of Literature and Arts. She has 15 books of poetry and prose to her credit and has achieved 11 Literary Awards.  


Women and War

She chose the Verdant Spring strand to sew

Here, strand of Desire…

Stretches all winter’s night long

Here, strand of longing…

Stretches all four seasons

Here, strand of waiting…

Ties the dawn to the sunset

Here, strand of Sadness…

Tear rolls inside, glittering.

After all the long cold-blooded expedition

Women’s love

War’s ammunition

All join the battle.

Please offer Women




The paltry haughty self-declared towering mountains

The arrogant stagnant ponds that always saturate itself

The rusty railroads of positioned thinking

The dogmatic golden fillets that self-applied to the head as an archetype.

The dignity aligned in uniforms.

The fingerprints of bland congruent ego…

Creative wind carries strange heroic air

Fear of blowing in despair in the middle of tedious desert.



Is Water

Women push

The career boat of men

To the other side – aspiration.

Is Water

Women press

The career boat of men

Sink to the ocean floor of desperate.

Is Water

Women, on their own, initiate the tides

For themselves and for each other.

Is Water

Endless subterranean water women

Love for her child flows till eternity.


Longing for Mother

I weave every single day since you gone

Into an orphanage tunic.


I swim through

Thirty-six river docks

Every time the women’s heart is torn apart

Mother raised me up

Let’s go home!

You made my scar healed.

Scarred like small pox complication

Remnant of naïve.

You taught me ninety-nine good things

Unable to teach the one-hundredth

Women’s heart

Every departure… comes a lost!



Fear …

His soul is punctual to earth’s cycle

Torn and faded daily cycle.


Loving heart

He modified and applied on thirsty tides.


My soul

River bank of a flood-recede season

Dreams a strange foot

Suck the passionate alluvial.


My heart – a wild horse

Did not learn by heart

Post trot… Love!


Like the Wind

Please don’t compare the sun

To the light that halfheartedly shine on existence.

Please don’t compare the moon

To the just-a-borrowed light.

Please don’t compare the ocean

To the unfaithful, erratic black and white.

Please don’t compare the high mountains

To the life’s landslide of rain and flood.

My love – A Fine wind

Four seasons, all directions

Blow to each other!



I sleep well

Ancient primitive grand forest holds a black dream.

I sleep well

Tiger lies in iron cage

Claws soft as velvet, fangs slippery as silk.

I sleep a deep sleep

Pond upon mountain…

Drinks up the whole sky.

Why did you dig up coal seam?

Let the old far fantasy vanish?

Why sharpen fang and claw

Roaming breath-taking jungle king?

Why stir up the pond with the thrown rock

Break thousand smug pieces of moon?



Flower of love

Mother – Father gave me

Buds out five blossomed petal tips

Foolishly poor penmanship

Painstaking wise

Practice writing on every page of LIFE notebook.

Whose hand that built this temple

Whose hand that burned this temple

Rolls fingerprints for identity in the file of humankind.

Upside down among misery life

Flip the hand that trades the right and wrong

Shake hand to resolve

Every hatred on earth.

Callous hand

Soft flimsy hand

Introduces itself the fire and ice destinies.

When down and out

Clasp two hands and bow the four cardinal directions

The hand becomes emissary

Builds a bridge between Yin – Yang.

Among the uncertainty

Two hands of the mortals swim themselves through Suffering

No magic granted, but Buddha leads the way.


Translated into English by Vo Hoang Long