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Women Bike for Empowerment and Tourism in Sindh

Women Bike for Empowerment and Tourism in Sindh

Over 40 women, including 20 especially trained, participated in bike rally held in Karachi  

Karachi, Sindh

A historic rally celebrating women empowerment and promoting Sindh’s tourism saw over 40 women riding bikes from Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine to Pakistan Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management in Karachi on Wednesday.

Women-bike-Sindh-CourierThe event, initiative of Interim Minister of Tourism Arshad Wali Muhammad, aimed to showcase the growing spirit of adventure among women in Sindh.

Women-bike-Sindh-Courier-1Some 20 women were trained in bike riding, equipping them with the skills and confidence to participate in the rally. “This event highlights the determination of Sindhi women to break barriers and explore new horizons,” minister stated.

Women-bike-Sindh-Courier-2“Promoting bike riding and cycling not only empowers women but also shines a light on the beauty and diversity of Sindh, attracting tourists and boosting the local economy.”

Women-bike-Sindh-Courier-3The rally concluded with a resounding cheer as the 20 trained women, along with other participants, received certificates acknowledging their achievement. This initiative marks a significant step towards gender equality and paves the way for future adventures through the captivating landscapes of Sindh, an official press release said. (PR)

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