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Working Women’s Rally on March 8 in Karachi

Working Women’s Rally on March 8 in Karachi
Trade Union Leaders addressing press conference

On the International Women’s Day, the focus and main slogan of struggle is: “Women’s Resistance: For Democratic Freedom, Economic Autonomy and Social Security”

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Karachi, Sindh

On International Women’s Day on 8 March 2024, a grand “Working Women’s Rally” will be taken out in Karachi. On the International Women’s Day, the focus and main slogan of struggle is: “Women’s Resistance: For Democratic Freedom, Economic Autonomy and Social Security.”

The rally will start from the Karachi Press Club roundabout and will culminate at the Arts Council of Pakistan, where prominent women leaders belonging to resistance movements will speak to the demonstration. On this occasion, revolutionary songs and tableaux based on women’s rights and their struggles will be presented. The rally will be attended by workers, laborers, fishermen, health workers, transgender people, journalists, teachers as well as women fighting against enforced disappearances and tragic killings.

Speaking at the press conference held at Karachi Press Club on Monday March 4, Zehra Khan (Home Based Women Workers Federation), Sami Baloch (Voice for Baloch Missing Persons), Asad Iqbal Butt (HRCP), Kami Sid (Transgender Activist), Subhagi Bheel (Sindh Agriculture General Workers Union), Habibuddin Junadi (People’s Labor Bureau), and others said, on this year’s International Women’s Day, the message of millions of women across the country is that:

“We, the working women, the resistant women, who are half of the population, reaffirm on this day that our relentless struggle will continue against the shrinking democratic freedoms, increasing economic helplessness and imposed social decline. The resistant role of women in the ongoing struggle is emerging as a hope for society.

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The path of resistance for women emerging from the working class is long, arduous, demanding hard work and dedication, and full of unparalleled sacrifices. But for us, these are the steps towards achieving justice, a better quality of life and high human dignity and values, and these actions are scaring the enemies of women.”

“The working and resisting woman has discovered the secret that the struggle will be successful only when she strengthens her connection with the political process and the struggle for the rights of her class, the oppressed and the subjugated people, and the most important and first principle of this is resistance. Now every coming day will highlight the color of resistance.”

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They further said, “We believe that the only solution to the problems of women, especially working women, and the oppressed and subjugated sections of society, is through conscious political struggle. We believe that women should have the freedom to participate in political and economic decision-making. The ongoing struggle in the country for the attainment of political and constitutional rights, the end of enforced disappearances and tragic killings of loved ones, the freedom of expression and the women leading it are all our common expressions. We women draw energy and inspiration from them.”

Press Conference - Sindh CourierThey said, “History is witness that when women had a significant role in economic activities, their status in society was that of an empowered worker. The economic decline of women led to the decline of society. Therefore, we believe that the economic development of women is possible only if they are provided with favorable and better opportunities for economic development. We recognize the right to protection of their economic autonomy and will continue to fight for equal pay. We will collectively strive for economic autonomy which is the key to women’s empowerment.”

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The leaders of various organizations stated that social security is a fundamental right of women. The attainment of social security is essential for the working woman to combat the ongoing economic crisis, which can lead to some improvement in her life. Social security is a fundamental right of the working woman that protects her from economic, social and unrecognized risks, including unemployment, inflation and low wages, and inappropriate working conditions. Through social security, the working woman is helped to overcome the obstacles to economic development. Thus, it is possible to achieve economic goals and social self-reliance through one’s own labor. The provision of social security by the state makes them feel that they have a fundamental role in the development of the economy and that their work is important. The struggle for the attainment of social security will continue.

They demanded abolition of all discriminatory laws based on class, economic violence, and violence against women in the society; registration of all workers with social security and pension institutions; elimination of inhumane treatment towards women in workplaces; concrete measures to prevent sexual harassment and violence and Ending sexual violence, abduction and forced religious conversion against Hindu minority women; eliminating wage disparities based on gender and equal pay for equal work. Abolition of all forms of bonded labor; compensations for female laborers during maternity in accordance with the law; abolition of the contract labor system; end of the chain of forced disappearances, recovery of forcibly disappeared individuals, including political, social and journalist workers, and legal action against those involved in this crime; assurance of agricultural reforms, free distribution of agricultural land among landless and farmer families etc.

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They appealed to all women, political and human rights activists to participate in the International Women’s Day rally on 8 March and express solidarity with resisting women.

Nasir Mansoor (National Trade Union Federation), Saira Feroze (United HB Garment Workers Union), Amina Baloch (Baloch Unity Council), Husna Khatoon (Balida factory fire Association), Nasira Parveen (All Sindh Lady Health Workers and Employees Union), Hamida Ghangru (Public Rights), Sara Khan (National Trade Union Federation of Pakistan), Dr. Asghar Ali Dashti, Hani Baloch (Zindman), Jamila Abdul Latif, (Home Based Glass Bangle Workers Union, Hyderabad), Saeed Baloch (Pakistan Fisher Fork Forum), Sahrish Mehmood (Nach Natak Mandli) and others were present.




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