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World Poetry Yearbook 2024

World Poetry Yearbook 2024

The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre has announced to publish World Poetry Yearbook 2024

By Ashraf boul-Yazid | Cairo

Chinese poet Zhang Zhi, Editor-in-chief of Rendition of International Poetry Quarterly & World Poetry Yearbook -English Version, announced that in order to promote the exchange, research, translation and development of the world poetry, The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre, after nearly a year of careful planning, decided to compile and publish World Poetry Yearbook (English Edition) since 2024, which is published one volume a year, so the center solicit contributions from any poet and poetry critic with influence, achievement and capability all over the world.

Chinese poet Zhang Zhi - Sindh CourierThe detailed information were noted in Zhang Zhi’s public notice to world poets, to send three or five of the poets’ excellent poems (in English, each not exceed 60 lines), a short resume of their art experience and achievement (in English, within 300 words; mainly including: name, pen name, sex, date of birth, birthplace, nationality, experience of job, from which year they begin to write or publish their works, main achievements in poetry writing, prizes, major publications of poems and etc.), and two color photographs or black-and-white photographs, e-mail, Tel, and their postal address, post code to him via e-mail, written in English.

The International Poetry Translation and Research Centre also welcome poets to send the important poetry review article (in English, not exceed 2,500 words) and information about poetry (in English, not exceed 500 words). In addition, it also welcomes poets to recommend their country or other countries’ poets who are alive.

According to Zhang Zhi’s notice; any poet or poetry critic with influence, achievement and capability in poetry writing or poetry criticism, in any country, any language, any nation, any religion, age and sex, is welcome to send his/her works to the Centre. The poets’ poems, biography and a photo, will be included in World Poetry Yearbook 2024 (English Edition). After the publication, each poet or poetry critic whose works have been anthologized will get a PDF electronic version, and part of the copies will be presented to the UN Library, UNESCO, Nobel Prize Committee, NDL of the important countries, libraries of famous universities, major literary newspapers, periodicals and outstanding literary research specialists all over the world.

Due to the magnitude of the project and the limitation of time and manpower, all contributions are to be sent to: wupm2023@126.com, via e-mill, please indicate the subject of your email: WPY 2024. The deadline is August 31, 2024,

The date of publication: December 2024. Address: P. O. Box 031, Guanyinqiao, Jiangbei District, Chongqing City 400020, P. R. China.

The call is signed by the International Poetry Translation and Research, the Center for Globalization of Chinese Poetry, Nankai University, and World Union of Poetry Magazines.

The Editorial Committee of World Poetry Yearbook (English Edition) has Zhang Zhi (Editor-in-Chief),  Zhang Zhizhong (Translation Reviser), and Editing Members includes Abdel Kadir Kechida [Algeria], Ashraf Aboul-Yazid [Egypt], Dimitris P. Kraniotis [Greece], Dilek Değerli [Turkey], Dušan Gojkov [Serbia], Fernando Rendon [Colombia], Hannie Rouweler [Netherlands], Iris Calif, Germain Droogenbroodt [Belgium-Spain], Jeton Kelmendi [Albania], Kurt F. Svatek [Austria], Lidia Chiarelli [Italy], Niels Hav [Denmark], Rubi Andredakis [Cyprus] and Savitskaya Svetlana [Russia].

As an example of the biography to be sent, the center attached the biography of Yang Jijun. “Yang Jijun is, an excellent contemporary Chinese poet, born in Dongying, Shandong Province in 1971. He is a member of Chinese Poetry Society, a member of Shandong Writers Association, a signed writer for Chinese Poetry Network. His poems have been published in newspapers and periodicals in China, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Bangladesh, India, USA and other countries. He was awarded the 9th Xu Zhimo Micro Poetry Prize, the Gold Medal in the International Poetry Competition of World Poetry, the 5th Poetic Arts Poetry Award, World Poetry Network Poet of the Year Award 2022, DELLA X EDIZIONE DEL PREMIO D’ECCELLENZA INTERNAZIONALE “AUTORI LINGUA INGLESE” (Italy), The 2023 Belgian Bogdani International Prize for Literature, and The 6th Boao International Poetry Award, etc. Some of his poems have been translated into English, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Serbian, German, Swedish, Korean, and Macedonian, etc. He is the author of the poetry collections The First and the Point, The Man Who Walked Through the Field of Reeds, The Blacksmith, The Screwdriver, The Bronze (Chinese and English), And the World (in Swedish), and The Frosty Trees, etc.


Ashraf Aboul-YazidAshraf Aboul-Yazid is a renowned Egyptian poet, journalist, novelist, travelogue writer and translator. He is author of around three dozen books and Editor-in-Chief of Silk Road Literature Series.




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