World Water Day: NGO Organizes Awareness Session

Residents of Muhammad Suleman Khaskheli Village Were Made Aware Of Simple Ways Of Water Purification

The awareness session was attended by over 50 members of the village including men, women and children.

Mirpurkhas, Sindh

Advocacy, Research, Training and Services (ARTS) Foundation under Oxfam in Pakistan support and in collaboration with Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO) organized an awareness session at Village Muhammad Suleman Khaskheli, Dengan Burgari, Taluka Kot Ghulam Muhammad on World Water Day, observed annually on 22nd of March.

World-Water-Day-Mirpurkhas-Sindh-Courier-1In line with its objective of human development, the ARTS conducted the session for awareness regarding water conservation, water treatment and water borne diseases. Additionally, the villagers were made aware of simple ways of water purification such as filtering water with piece of cloth, boiling water and usage of alum by practical lectures. Water conservation was particularly stressed and different water conservation techniques were shared with them

The session focused on ensuring protection of women and children which has been compromised by flood of 2022. The awareness session on World Water Day was attended by over 50 members of the village including men, women and children.

It is pertinent to mention that over 2 billion people worldwide lack access to clean drinking water”, reports UNICEF. Moreover, availability of fresh water is contracting because of growing world population, impact of climate change and wasteful usage of water.

World-Water-Day-Mirpurkhas-Sindh-Courier-2Furthermore, UNICEF says that “more than 10 million people living in flood affected areas of Pakistan remain deprived of safe drinking water. They lack clean drinking water as their hand pumps have been contaminated by floods. In view of their miserable conditions, the session was conducted with flood affected communities. They were informed about the disinfection techniques of hand pumps and chlorination of wells.

Water is the building block of life on earth. It is used in wide range of activities for the sustenance of life on earth. It holds enormous importance for not only humans but also for millions of other species. Water is a scarce natural resource available to limited portion of the world. Therefore, it must be used in the most efficient manner.

World-Water-Day-Mirpurkhas-Sindh-Courier-4ARTS Foundation is a non-profit and indigenous civil society organization established in 2008 and has been engaged in activities and practices aimed at uplifting vulnerable sections of the society including women, girls, transgender, elderly persons and children. (PR)





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