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To every father, a son is a Gold, whom he desires to give a better shape like a goldsmith who burns gold and strikes with hammer.

A clean heart, a mind full of good intentions, and each soulful action are enough to get all you have ever wished for.

Aisha Saeed

In life most people get themselves explored by the series of events that happen in their life which carry a great deal of modification to their life and perspective about surroundings. As it is said life is the best teacher and time is the best healer. Coincidently I have witnessed a kind, gentle and child-like pure hearted person thrashed by the harshness of life but never think of giving up, losing hope, or surrendering to the infirmities of life. He, once after crossing all the hardships time and again when finds himself again at crossroads, keeping all her strength assembled takes a unique decision of adopting which is absolutely disliked by him as his profession; but the same fortune repeated while his new venture was likely to sink even before floating but this time a miraculous help arrived.

You see, when a person is honest with all of her intentions Allah’s help showers upon and blesses/protects with all corners. The passion for doing something in life, helping and making ease in others’ life never let him calm down even the huge powerful waves could not make him drown resulting in someone hold his hand and asking to walk along and to unwind his mystifying state of mind, he whispered ‘You are my gold’ and said let me tell you a story.

There was a solicitor; he had a son whom he wanted to be more successful than him but his son was only daydreaming about luxurious life effortlessly. His father held his hand and asked him to engage in his profession, trolling up and down, keeping a wish for royal life, and arguing time and again about the same with his father, he kept on working. On a dry day after working long hours; scrupulously with teary eyes he made the same arguments with his father and said what we are waiting for! The work we are doing can be accomplished with lesser efforts and will be more rewarding than others are doing, and this will make my life happier by having all the stuff I ever desired for. The father politely said, “I still advise you to focus all of your attention on the art of advocacy and the luxuries you are seeking will come towards you.” He wiped his son’s tears and put a hand on his shoulder, “Pay heed to these words and follows all of my instructions”. Father said affectionately, ‘do you know why goldsmith burns gold on fire and strikes with hammer; to give it a better shape and shine which multiplies its worth’ and my son, ‘You are my gold’.

One day you will be the best of all. Then, the son worked hard day and night keeping these golden words in his mind. After years the words of the father and the wishes of the son came true.

A clean heart, a mind full of good intentions, and each soulful action are enough to get all you have ever wished for, be contented with whatever you possess, and be grateful for every kindness. Keep striving to reach the sky and inspire many along the way.


Aisha Saeed - Sindh CourierAisha Saeed – Advocate High Court, a Student of Law & Former Lecturer at University of Karachi

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