Youth Entrepreneurs’ Summit concludes with call for introducing concept of Business Angels and Technopreneurship

Govt. needs to introduce policies and incentives to create business angel environment across the country – Dr. Azhar Shah

Dr. Buledi from Turkey explains the technoprenurship process for designing, developing and integrating technology tools in business.

Larkano, Sindh

Pakistan can achieve economic growth and stability if the concept of Business Angels and Technopreneurship is introduced at grassroots level with proper coordination of business entrepreneurs, academics and government.

This was the major point of focus at the concluding session of the 2nd International Youth Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2023 held at the main auditorium hall, Sindh University Campus Larkano on Friday March 17, 2023.

SU-Larkano-Summit-Sindh-Courier-Speaking as the keynote speaker SUCL Pro Vice Chancellor Prof Dr. Azhar Ali Shah said that Europe and other advanced countries are taking benefit of business angels who are successful business persons in their respective fields with plenty of resources along with skills and experience. “They invest part of their assets and experience to help the young entrepreneurs establish new business creating more employment opportunities. Once established they themselves become the business angels creating an infinite wave of entrepreneurs’ growth.”

Dr. Shah said that government needs to introduce policies and incentives to create business angel environment across the country.

Dr. Majid Buledi from Turkey talked about entrepreneur’s digital path: towards successful business establishment. Dr. Buledi explained the technoprenurship process for designing, developing and integrating technology tools in business. He talked about impact of mobile phones on business and cited Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, ChatGPT and Advertising on TV for digital marketing.

SU-Larkano-Summit-Sindh-Courier-2During the penal discussion, Ahmed Ali Shaikh, President Chamber of Commerce Larkano invited all business students to coordinate with chamber of commerce for all sort of help required to establish new business.

He said that this event be held every year for the guidance of youth. “Our youth is facing big problem regarding employment opportunities. Youth may search for job but should start the side business as well. For successful business you need to be member of chamber of commerce and conduct business as per national and international standards. Youth may apply globally to be part of multinational business organizations.”

SU-Larkano-Summit-Sindh-Courier-3Dr. Masiullah Jatoi, Professor of Management Sciences from Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur said that our youth have to engage in business in such a way to change their surrounding environment and be an inspiration for other entrepreneurs. He urged the government to provide financial support for youth entrepreneurs. Such support shall create job opportunities for others transforming our society towards prosperity. Youth has multiple potentials and they need support from family, friends and senior entrepreneurs.

He told that at present Pakistan is at 136 number in terms of entrepreneurship but this situation may be improved with collective efforts.

Ms. Naghma Mazari, In-charge Women Protection Cell Larkano encouraged female youth to engage as entrepreneurs because government is providing all sorts of services needed for safe and secure environment.

Liaqat Ali Shaikh CEO ARY Jewelers Larkano said that they are witnessing the digital era and technology has always been enabler for growth of entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship is something that all of us must focus on as an immediate means for financial growth and stability of our family and society.”

“Irrespective of our education and qualification we all may engage in entrepreneurship as it’s based on learning by doing.”

SU-Larkano-Summit-Sindh-Courier-4Vishal Parchani, CEO Moon Electronics Larkano said that youth must move forward from their comfort zone and be ready for taking risks. The more the risk you take the more the benefit. Start with anything meager that is in your approach. All big business and companies started out of nothing with very little investment and resources and now they are operating globally.

Abdul Wahid Shaikh Vice President Chamber of Commerce Larkano said that future of entrepreneurship is going to be more and more online. Universities should coordinate with SMEDA to help the youth deploy their business plans. He offered provision of training and help for young entrepreneurs specially girls.

The concluding session was moderated by Head of Business Department Ghulam Mustafa Shaikh with the help of Ms. Shagufta Shaikh, Ali Mustafa Abro, Athar Ali and Chief Organizers including Abdullah Tunio, Shafiq Soomro, Sheharyar Abbasi,  Alam Khan, Hina, Muskan, Sania, Aleeza and others. (PR)




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