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10 Gates of Sukkur Barrage Permanently Closed

10 Gates of Sukkur Barrage Permanently Closed
Historic Sukkur Barrage

Modernization and rehabilitation of six main gates of 66-gate historic Sukkur Barrage underway  

By Rehan Khan Khushik


Under the World Bank-funded project, Sindh Barrages Improvement Project (SBIP) has been started the modernization and rehabilitation of some main gates of 66 gates of historic Sukkur Barrage on River Indus in Sindh province.

Sukkur Barrage-1Abdul Fatah Memon Assistant Engineer Civil of Sindh Barrages Improvement Project at Sukkur Barrage told the media observers during their visit to Sukkur barrage on Wednesday that 6 main gates out of 66 gates have been completely changed while 10 gates are permanently closed due to the rising silt and flow of water issues.

Sukkur Barrage-2The construction work of Sukkur Barrage had started during 1923 and completed in 1932 by the British government.

The 66-gate barrage on River Indus has seven canals – four on the left and rest on the right side. These seven canals have around 55 small gates controlling the water and irrigating more than 8.8 million acre agriculture land of Sindh province.

Sukkur Barrage-3“The discharge capacity of each canal will increase due to closure of 10 gates,” Memon told.

He further said that Sukkur Barrage is 90 years old and its enormous structure has completed its maturity.

Under the SBIP, the modernization and rehabilitation was started to maintain it since 2018 after flash floods and natural hazards. “The gate number 39 was slightly cracked which was also examined by the experts. The six gates were manufactured by Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works,” he disclosed.

Sukkur Barrage-3 (2)He said that the rehabilitation and upgrading of Sukkur Barrage was started through World Bank funding. The contract was awarded to China Road and Bridge Company, a joint venture with Hubby Shinzo limited of China. They started its work on the ground.

He said that to rehabilitate and strengthen main barrage structures and canal head regulators as well as the changing of gates was prime task. He told the silt of up and down stream of Sukkur Barrage will also be de-sited during the period.

Memon told that the Rice Canal would also be de-silted under package and the contract work was awarded in February 2023.

Sukkur Barrage-4World Bank-funded program SBIP is working under Provincial Management Officer (PMO) Ghulam Muhiuddin Mughal and Task Team leader World Bank Mr. Francios Onimus.

AE Fatah Memon further told that Guddu Barrage gates are also to be changed under the bulk-head gates.

Officials of irrigation and SBIP including Feroze Ahmed Domki, XEN Sukkur Barrage, Nazir Ahmed Lashari Resident Engineer of MMP Mott Mac Dnolad Pakistan at Sukkur Barrage, Saeed Ahmed Memon CIvil Engineer China Road Bridge Company (CRBC), Mumtaz Ghumro Assistant Engineer of Mechanical Sindh Barrages Improvement Project at PMO Project Management Office also accompanied the delegation during visit at Sukkur Barrage.



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