10-year girl Somal missing from Shah Latif town Karachi- Sindh Courier

10-year girl Somal goes missing from Shah Latif Town Karachi


10-year girl Somal missing from Shah Latif town Karachi- Sindh CourierSomal had gone to a restaurant located near her home to buy parathas on Tuesday morning  

Karachi: A 10-year girl Somal, daughter of Zulfiqar Ali Mallah, hailing from Khairpur district and currently residing in Shah Latif Town Karachi, is missing since Tuesday morning and it’s feared she has been abducted.

The girl had left home to buy Parathas from a nearby hotel at 9am but didn’t return home.

Lal Bux Mallah of Thari Meerwah, Khairpur Mirs’, the maternal grandfather of the girl, told Sindh Courier that they have lodged FIR with Shah Latif Town Police Station but they have got cold response.

The parents and relatives of the missing girl are searching the kid on their own due to cold response from police.

“The men working at hotel told that the girl bought the parathas and went back to home,” Lal Bux Mallah, a government employee, told.

The distance between the home and hotel is hardly 400 meters.

Lal Bux Mallah appealed the higher police authorities and the general public for help in tracing the girl. He also appealed to contact on phone 03003133524 if anyone gets clue of the missing girl.


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