Home Culture 3-Day Bohra Food Festival ends with message of peace and love

3-Day Bohra Food Festival ends with message of peace and love

3-Day Bohra Food Festival ends with message of peace and love

Next year we will organize the festival with more refined arrangements – organizers


The three-day Bohra food festival ended with its entire climate on Sunday, as thousands of citizens attended the event appreciating the arrangements and expressed their wishes to be held every year.

For the first time, a three-day Bohra food festival was held in Karachi by the Bohra community, which housed more than 100 stalls of delicious dishes including the traditional cuisine of the Bohra community.

Bohra Food Festival-4All three days of the festival, a large number of citizens visited and enjoyed the dishes. And all the stalls were filled with a rush of citizens.

A stallholder Wajid Ansari said that citizens gave full response and above our expectations.

Another stallholder Talha Bohri said that all three days food items at his stall ended ahead of time and they had to make arrangements on an emergency basis.

Bohra Food Festival-3The most interesting item in the Bohra food festival was the traditional Bohra dish platter. The whole family sits around a platter and enjoy different meals.

The organizers said that through Thaal, they have sent a message to strengthen the family system in today’s age. The emotions of being together through the platter and joining each other’s suffering and pain are cultivated.

In addition, cooking competitions were held at the festival to build self-confidence within children, in which children made their favorite cakes and meals and also decorated meals. A large number of swings were also installed for children, in which the zip line continued to be the center of attention of children and a rush of children.

Bohra Food FestivalSimilarly, various competitions were held including baking bread to raise awareness of household responsibilities among men.

At the food festival, special support was provided to women who run kitchens from their homes and supply customers by preparing various meals in their homes. Such women were provided exclusively with stalls free of charge.

“We have sent a message of peace, love and tolerance to citizens through the Food Festival,” the organizers said adding that they also tried to raise self-esteem in children and awareness of household responsibilities in men.

Bohra Food Festival-6The zipline and children’s cooking competition have been loved by citizens very much. “We will try to start them on a regular basis. Next year we will hold the festival with more refined arrangements,” they said.

The Bohra food festival is highly appreciated by citizens. In this regard, citizens said that the Bohra food festival is a pleasant addition to the traditions of Karachi. “Through it we have the opportunity not only to understand the Bohra community, but also to increase interpersonal relations. There is a lot here, including various types of food, sports arrangements and we are having a lot of fun.” The citizens hoped that the Bohra food festival would continue to be held every year.

It should be noted that the entry fee of the Bohra food festival is kept at Rs.100, which will be used for charitable purposes. (PR)




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