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49 SAU Students Receive Scholarship Cheques

49 SAU Students Receive Scholarship Cheques

SAU VC Dr. Fateh Marri underlines importance of Agri Business for empowerment of youth


Some 49 students of  2K17, 2K18, 2K19, 2K20, and 2K21 batches of the Undergraduate Degree Program of different faculties of Sindh Agriculture  University (SAU) Tando Jam were awarded the scholarship cheques on Wednesday.

The told that the amount of scholarship cheques is Rs.43000/- and Rs.45000/- Registrar SAU Ghulam Mohiyuddin Qureshi distributed the cheques among the students.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar Director of University Advancement and Financial Assistance and Syed Nauman Ali Shah, Focal Person Scholarships spoke about the process of award of scholarship.

Meanwhile Prof. Dr. Fateh Marri, Vice Chancellor, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam said that the startup of the Agri-Business and their impact would be helpful for the economic empowerment of the youth. He added that the agricultural and food industry is an important economic sector in Pakistan and there is huge potential to drive economic development and contribute to food security and income generation.

SAU-VC-Sindh-Courier“The Business Modeling, Onboarding, and Mentorship, Session with Startups” was held at Business Incubation Center (BIC), Sindh Agriculture University in Collaboration with the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan with the support of the International Trade Center (ITC) Karachi to build the capacity of the students in the field of Agri. Entrepreneurs, Livestock, and Business Modeling using Canvas and build the skills of the students in Agro Digitalization to Facilitate them for entrepreneurship through small medium enterprises.

He further added that innovative solutions are the key to boosting productivity, income, and employment. New digital ideas for the agricultural and food industry are coming from the growing local start-up scene more and more. With their digital innovations, young companies often address well-known challenges, including the availability of advisory services, market access for small farmers, and improving the quality of cultivation and harvesting methods. He said the focus is being given to youth to explore their talent and provide opportunities for small and medium enterprises.

He said SAU youth could be the best entrepreneur in society and hoped that such activities will serve the nation by solving their problems through agri-entrepreneurship he urged the scientists, scholars, and youth to energize their potential for developing new ideas through innovation. He appreciated the efforts of the BIC team and the support of the International Trade Center (ITC) for initiating this drive at SAU Tandojam.

SAU-VC-Sindh CourierSheikh Hammad Amjad, Deputy Country Head, Nippon Express Pakistan, lead trainer highlighted the Agro opportunities through digital marketing in the country. He said that the rural youth has the potential to develop and start their business in Agro digitalization and to get benefit from the opportunities available in the country.

Prof. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Focal Person, BIC, SAU Tandojam highlighted that effective digital agribusiness management skills (within start-up teams, in university curricula, and in incubators/accelerators); to promote an enabling business environment for developing effective business models. There is a need to develop youth skills through innovative ideas to develop digital innovation for agricultural and food security.

He said that BIC will provide equal opportunities to SAU graduates to come up with new ideas for their business plans and ultimately the BIC team would help them and provide the opportunities to create a business on a Small Scale.

The event was attended by faculty members and students of Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam. (PR)