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Futuristic Living That We’ve Only Seen In Movies

Futuristic Living That We’ve Only Seen In Movies

AVALON – The Most Tech-Enable Real Estate Project In Islamabad

With so many real estate projects in Pakistan on the rise, it’s close to impossible to find the most futuristic & tech-enabled, sustainable, and state-of-the-art project that’s worth investing without breaking the bank while also being trust-worthy.

Having said that, we’ve recently spotted a project that’s taking Islamabad by storm. Their streamers and outdoor billboard are literally everywhere we go.

Avlan-00We did a little digging and found out about this real estate giant, namely AVALON City. The masterplan is in development as Pakistan’s first technological city. This is a state-of-the-art infrastructure designed and idealised as the Future of Real State in Pakistan. Embracing their tagline, they truly want you to ‘Envision Your Lifestyle’.

We found out this project sits at an ideal location of Chakri Road, adjacent to M2 Motorway, ensuring a convenient residence and commercial success for its residents and investors. Have you ever thought about having Smart Homes, Wi-Fi trees, 3D and Virtual Theatres, Electric Bikes, Automated Traffic Control? Well, AVALON City has got it all.

We know what you’re thinking. With all these offerings, they must be expensive as anything but after doing a thorough price comparison, we found out that their prices are very affordable compared to other projects in the vicinity.

Click here and watch video for details

The hashtag #AvalonCityIslamabad was trending on social media for the past couple of days.

Don’t believe us? Well, Netizens on social media are going nuts about this.

Avlan-1Some people are comparing it to Saudi Arabia’s The Line project.

Avlan-2While others are just excited that something progressive is coming to Pakistan.

Avlan-3If you’re interested in investing or just getting to know about them, we recommend getting in touch with them directly @ info@theavaloncity.com, +92 (51) 6120517 or www.theavaloncity.com


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