Home News 555 of 834 RO Plants in Tharparkar inoperative for about a decade

555 of 834 RO Plants in Tharparkar inoperative for about a decade

555 of 834 RO Plants in Tharparkar inoperative for about a decade
Caretake CM visits inoperative RO plant at Islamkot

The Reverse Osmosis plants were installed during PPP’s 15 year rule in Sindh; Chief Minister orders probe

Sindh Courier Report
Mithi, Thar Desert of Sindh

During a daylong visit to Tharparkar, the Desert district of Sindh on Wednesday, the Caretaker Chief Minister Retired Justice Maqbool Baqar was told that out of the 834 Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, 555 are nonfunctional in Tharparkar.

The RO plants were installed spending billions of rupees during the government of Pakistan People’s Party, which was in power in Sindh for over 15 years since 2008. Baqar was told that the RO plants were inoperative for at least eight years.

Chief Minister visited 2-MGD RO Plant at Mithi and 1.5 MGD RO Islamkot but both the plants were non-functional.

He ordered the completion of pending inquiries against the contracting firm Oslo so that the firm could be prosecuted and recovery of the funds amounting to Rs.380 million and Rs.80million of electricity liabilities respectively could be recovered from the defaulting firm.

The solar desalination plant complex in district headquarters town Mithi gave an abandoned look. On inquiries, he was told that the plant had been non-operational for the last eight years and most of the solar plates installed on the rooftop were missing. The CM was told that Asia’s largest solar desalination plant complex was run by the Energy Department and inaugurated in January 2015. The plant had to provide drinking water in addition to producing one megawatt of electricity, benefitting the people of Mithi city besides the other 100 villages. Later it was handed over to PHED Tharparkar in running condition, but due to negligence, the machinery rusted.

Chief Minister was told that the contracting firm The Oslo was given the contract to run the plant but they left the plant in nonfunctional condition leaving the liability of Rs.80 million electricity bill. The plant has been made functional on a generator just to test how it could be made functional.

The CM was told that the plant needed the replacement of all the rusted equipment. But, on top of it, the electricity bill of Rs.80 million has to be cleared before taking the task of making it functional.

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The CM ordered a forensic audit of the expenditures incurred by the private firm The Oslo on the plant.

Later, Baqar visited the Islamkot RO Plant inaugurated in January 2015. Sindh Coal Authority installed the plant for Rs.388.6174 million. The plant has a 650 KVA transformer, a 650 KVA generator and eight tube wells. It is designed to produce 25,000 gallons per hour. The plant has been non-functional for a long time.

It was told that an amount of Rs.380 million was provided to the contracting firm, but the plant has hardly functioned.

The CM was told that the district Tharparkar has 834 RO plants, of them 555 were out of order.

The CM expressed his extreme displeasure and ordered the completion of pending inquiries against Oslo. He said that the company not only be prosecuted but all the funds released to it be recovered.

School lab in shambles

Chief Minister visited Govt. Boys High School, Islamkot which has an enrolment of 1671 but had only 19 teachers. The CM visited the classrooms where no child could answer the basic questions of English language and science. The CM called the director of Education who had never inspected the school. The Lab of the school was in shambles and no practical was conducted. The computer lab had computers but without any IT teacher. Some computer systems have been lying packed in the Lab since 2008. The CM said that the school should have a teacher for 30 students but the director never bothered to visit the school, therefore the school is facing an acute shortage of teachers. Ultimately, the children are suffering. The CM talked to the Minister Education and Secretary of School Education and expressed his extreme displeasure.

Oxygen Mask on face with empty cylinder

Chief Minister paid a surprise visit to Rural Health Center (RHC) Islamkot being operated by PPHI. In emergency ward a patient was lying on the bed with an oxygen mask on his face. When the CM checked the mask the oxygen cylinder was not working. At this the CM expressed his extreme displeasure and warned the in charge of the RHC to behave, otherwise, he would cancel the PPHI contract if such frauds were made. In the children ward the patients (children) were facing shortage of medicines. When the record was checked the RHC had a sanctioned strength of 47 doctors but only 18 were working there. The RHC had 150 OPDs of children daily. CM directed the Director General to personally visit all the PPHI facilities and give him a detailed report of their performance. If the PPHI was being given additional funds they would be recovered.



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