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A nation with a burden!

A nation with a burden!

Politicians who owe millions of dollars, are granted special privileges, and their debts are conveniently waived through a flawed judicial system

 Zaheer Udin Babar Junejo

I reside in a nation where I am obliged to pay taxes, and in return, I am compelled to independently fund my own basic needs. It feels as though my country operates like a restaurant where a privileged 3% of the population enjoys the luxuries they desire, while the remaining 97% foot the bill for their indulgence.

In this nation, our cellular service providers never write off the loans we accumulate, even for a fraction of the amount borrowed. Meanwhile, our politicians’ debts amounting to millions of dollars are effortlessly waived through our judicial system. It is disheartening to witness such inequality. The only country on earth that encourages brain drain, urging skilled individuals to seek employment abroad and send remittances back home for the luxury of a few, instead of investing in the development of our own institutions. We seem to have forgotten about the numerous dysfunctional and financially bankrupt establishments that desperately require attention.

The blatant double standard reinforces a sense of inequality and erodes trust in the fairness of our society

Ever since our independence, none of us have seriously contemplated the idea of living with dignity. Instead, we wait to die and be buried proudly in our homeland. h In the midst of these challenging circumstances, it is disheartening to see how our nation has failed to prioritize the well-being and prosperity of its citizens. Rather than focusing on building a society where every individual can live with dignity and access essential services, we have become accustomed to accepting the status quo.

The lack of reliable electricity, especially during scorching heat waves, when it is needed most. There is always something short for us ordinary citizens, we pay for burdens we might never have. One of the most glaring injustices in our country is the stark contrast between how loans are treated for ordinary citizens and influential figures. It is astonishing that our cellular service providers refuse to write off even a portion of the loans we accumulate, trapping individuals in cycles of debt. Meanwhile, politicians who owe millions of dollars are granted special privileges, their debts conveniently waived through a flawed judicial system. This blatant double standard reinforces a sense of inequality and erodes trust in the fairness of our society.


Zaheer Udin Babar Junejo is a development professional based in Hyderabad Sindh



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