Home Art and Culture A new research book on ‘Sindhi Folk Music’ soon to be launched in India

A new research book on ‘Sindhi Folk Music’ soon to be launched in India

A new research book on ‘Sindhi Folk Music’ soon to be launched in India

Rajesh Kumar had earlier authored a research paper on Sindhi Sarangi and was also published in book form in April 2022

Sindh Courier Report

Bilaspur, India

Rajesh Kumar Parsaramani, a renowned Sarangi player of India, who has previously authored a research paper on Sindhi Sarangi, has authored another book on Sindhi folk music titled ‘A Study on Sindhi Folk Music’.

Based in Bilaspur city of Chhattisgarh state of India, Rajesh Kumar’s research work on Sindhi Sarangi had also been published in book form in April 2022.

Rajesh, whose ancestors hailed from Sehwan, a historic town of Sindh, has the credit of first carving out Sindhi Sarangi from a single piece of wood and later last year inventing an electric Sindhi Sarangi, which according to him is cost-effective, weather proof, portable and can produce over 40 sounds. Moreover, he developed an easy code method of braille so that the persons with visual impairment can also learn and play Sarangi.

Rajesh also founded Sindhi Sarangi Gharana to promote this neglected musical instrument, which according to him originated in Sindh and later it traveled to Multan and different parts of the world including India and other countries.

Rajesh Kumar Parasramani Sindhi Sarangi Player - Sindh Courier
Rajesh Kumar Parasramani

Rajesh Kumar, who himself is visually impaired, has won several awards including one for being the fastest Sarangi player.

This book is dedicated to Dr. Satish Jayaswal who is a scholar and is doing his research on King Daher.

Talking to Sindh Courier from Bilaspur city, Rajesh Kumar said that his book contains six detailed chapters on Sarangi and other Sindhi folk musical instruments, folk Sindhi music and folk dances. The first chapter is about general overview of Sarangi, the other one is particularly on Sindhi Sarangi and third chapter discusses other eleven folk music instruments including Singri, Dilo, Chang, Sharnai, Alghozo, Boreendo etc.

Rajesh said that the book also discusses the Sur of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, especially with reference to his seven queens. “I have also referred to an old book authored by one Nabi Bux in 1878. The reprint copy of this book (published in 1960) was available in Cutch area,” he said.

“I have discussed in detail three important parts of Sindhi music including folk music, while 18 different Taal of Sindhi music have also been elaborated in my book,” he said.

“As no one has worked on this subject and being neglected, I started researching for which I had to suspend my daily practice of Sarangi for months.”

Rajesh, a very humble and passionate person, shared that a scholar Prof. Dr. Jindal has started translating his book in Hindi and Maithili language of Northern Bihar. “My book is almost ready to be available in market and also on Amazon and Kindle while the Hindi translation would also be published soon.”




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