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A Sindhi girl from Indore is building India’s biggest Culinary School

A Physical Therapist, Khushi Manglani has turned into a full-time entrepreneur; Apart from her own work and helping her father in his business.

Khushi has decided to buy land in Indore where will launch next year India’s biggest finishing school venture called – Lifestyle, Image, Personality and Skill Development, and biggest culinary school along with a hostel for the students.

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With the changing times, the Digital world and technology are upgrading very fast too. It is very important for a business to be upgraded as well, which needs new techniques as well. If you do not keep up your business style with the new trend you will not able to take out desired results from your business as well.

Khushi Manglani from Indore also realized that their business also needs certain upgrades as well. Staying with her family in Indore Khushi had done her B.Ed. and Master in Physical Therapy from Bangalore.

Khushi is a back pain therapist who has her own center and along with that Khushi helps her father’s business as well. “I am a Physical Therapist turning into a full-time entrepreneur; apart from being, passionate about Business I am also a gold medalist in marathon running and a fitness enthusiast & do yoga for mental peace as a part of my lifestyle.” says Khushi

Khushi as a person likes to be active and keep herself involved in something or other activity just to keep herself updated. Apart from her own work and helping her father in his business Khushi also likes to read novels and books, swim, and go on adventure hikes and solo trips.

With the demand of the time, Khushi use to do the marketing through offline goodwill and outsourced the services of digital marketing for her business but that was not enough for her. Khushi wanted to understand it to the core. While scrolling through her social media, Khushi came across digital Gurukul and its courses. Khushi that instant decided to pursue the course and she completed her diploma in digital marketing under the mentor Dr. Raj Padhiyar.

A Sindhi Girl- Indore - Khushi
Khushi Manglani

This Sindhi girl from Indore has fought all the odds & now building India’s biggest culinary school – Credits Digital Gurukul for the journey

“After my course, I have been confident about the tools & technicalities of the digital world. Before the course, I had to search a lot on the internet and ask people about how certain things are done. The course and teaching have made me very confident,” says Khushi

Khushi wanted to pursue this because she wanted to understand the core of marketing and its techniques. She believes that she can outsource easily for marketing but who would understand her business and needs better than herself.

Along with all these Khushi has also applied for an internship in Social Media Marketing just to brush her skills, even more, she adds, “The experience at Digital Gurukul was amazing.”

Khushi believes, “It’s like doing something is different & doing the same thing efficiently is different.”

This Sindhi girl from Indore has fought all the odds and now building India’s biggest culinary school – Credits Digital Gurukul for the journey

When asked now when she has all the knowledge of digital marketing and already she is an expert in her field what are her future plans for her business, Khushi says, “I felt the need in the society & wanted to solve the problem and started with small workshops in different metros, and B-grade cities and as a result, our students kept requesting for rejoining,

So we decided to buy our own land in Indore where we are making India’s biggest finishing school venture called – L.I.P.S. (LIFESTYLE, IMAGE, PERSONALITY, AND SKILL DEVELOPMENT) and India’s biggest culinary school along with a hostel resort for the students, which will be launching next year. Along with this I will be taking care of all the marketing needs of my business through the online and offline medium.”

Khushi is truly an inspiration for a lot of girls, as she has managed to handle her own work and is extending such a support to her parents as well.


Courtesy: Digital Gurukul


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