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Books are the Powerhouse of Knowledge

Various types of books help humans to gain different types of information and knowledge.

Everyday thousands of books are published throughout globe

 Abdul Sattar Channa

Books are considered as best friends and best guiders of men. They guide us in every step of life without ever asking anything in return. They are containers and powerhouse of knowledge and information about everything, whether it has physical or abstract existence in this world. Books have familiarized humans with their past and in multiple ways they have helped humans evolve and become better version of themselves. These are the books which have civilized humans and have helped them to groom their personality as well as their morality.

The best part of the books is not that it has just got multiple types but could be read by anybody at any age and anywhere. Various types of books help humans to gain different types of information and knowledge. Books do not only widen and expand our knowledge about a particular thing but enhance our grammar skills as structures, vocabulary and ideas too which will result an individual to gain a speech intelligence/skill, to peruse anybody.

Books have not specified themselves to be only read to clear syllabus or any particular exam but have also widened themselves to be read to get pleasure and entertain ourselves.

Genres of Books

When it comes to talk about the genres or types of books, we’ll find so many different genres of books ranging from travelogues to fictional books. Everyday thousands of books are published throughout globe, not just they are shaped in written forms but in soft forms too. We can pick any type of book which grasps our interest or to expand our knowledge about any subject or even to please ourselves.

Travelogues – This genre of book is based around the concept of traveling. The writer travels around the world and shares the experience about it. Very specifically it helps reader to see the places as the writer has seen, without moving reader anywhere. Furthermore the traveler alludes and compares the things, customs, places, history and behavior of people. The traveler simply links these all things to his native context and in last writer guides reader about places by giving hints and tips.

Then readers have History books which are purely based on real (Non-fictional) incidents of world. History books familiarize the reader with different civilizations of worlds gone by, as their traditions, attitude, and beliefs and how they lived their lives.

Later readers have technological books. These books introduce technology to reader, as their equipment, developments and how they have changed the world and converted it into global village. It more adds how technology has facilitated Humans.

Most importantly Self-help and Motivational books. These books do not only inspire individuals to do well in their lives but also help them to groom their personality and guides them best to achieve their goals and reach at their destinations by igniting the spark of being positive and by maintaining that spark of motivation for long period.

And least but not the last, we have got fictional (Not real) books. Fictional books are based on the imagination of writer. These books serves best at pleasing the individuals and enhancing their imagination. One of the best thing, readers will find in this genre of book is this, that it maintains the interest of reader at the very end of book which plays a major role in creating good readers and igniting the spark of reading as it serves pleasure to reader and is very simple to read and understand it.

Furthermore readers have got syllabus books, fashion books, Recipe books, different skill books and it just goes on.

Benefits of Reading Books

There are not one but multiple benefits of reading books. To begin with, it expands our knowledge about different subjects, it widens our intelligence as we explore new things and learn different ways to deal with them too. Moreover books keep us entertained and kill our boredom.

Additionally, they familiarize us to our real interest and help us to make our passion as our profession. More importantly, books enhance our vocabulary and our knowledge about grammar, structure and language which provides us so many opportunities in different fields.

Precisely they make us confident by expanding our knowledge about different subjects and matters which results to be really good at public speaking, debates, quizzes and different areas. And in last they help readers to groom their personality and shape their window at best from which they see, experience, guess and judge the things by giving a deeper understanding of things.


Abdul Sattar Channa is BS English Student at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University, Nawabshah

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