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Love is the fundamental genesis of creation

Review of the book ‘Voices of Love’, authored by Prof. Noor Ahmed Janjhi

The book has been categorized into four sections – Voices of love, Voices of Sensitivity, Voices of Excellence and Voices of Diversity

By Govand Maghani

The masterpiece book ‘Voices of Love’, authored by Prof. Noor Ahmad Janjhi, has been published by Kavita Publications in 2022. The book has been categorized into four sections – Voices of love, Voices of Sensitivity, Voices of Excellence and Voices of Diversity. Janjhi has greatly worked and touched topics from different dimensions. This spellbound book elevates the voices that provide the basis of medium and movement for the dynamisms of the universe. The book is written in prose form including the poetical lines.

Janjhi writes that ‘love is the fundamental genesis of creation, life, and the universe’.

The first section of the book, voices of love show the importance and its mesmerizing power thought.

Love is abstract but it has a great influence in our lives. Shah Abdul Latif has deeply touched the power of love through different characters. It means nature is full of love; it is up to us how we understand and experience it. Noor Ahmed Janjhi has written aspect of voices related to universe with the word LOVE.

To pile up this book needed great efforts that is not possible without experiencing and relating every aspect with LOVE. Janjhi has clearly defined that love is dynamic choice that creates hierarchy between different types of love for example love with nature, love with singularity and love with beloved etc.

Basically, voices of love are the book that familiarizes us with empathy, compassion, and devotion that proved to be fundamentals of life. Each moment of life is an unrepeatable miracle. If we look deeply into our experience, we can observe that within each moment thousands of things are going just right to keep us alive, and this comes through the voice of love.

As far as excellence is concerned it is the product of love if possessed by anyone that has great potential in life. In a true sense love is converging in nature where many positive things converge in human beings.

Conscious and sub-conscious mind where voice of love has dual nature working as transparent and reflected phenomenon through mind and heart and until not indulging and experiencing the voice of love, we can become familiar with the importance of true love.

Another aspect which provides directly and indirectly the meaning of love that is poetry, literature which evokes concentration, imagination, and awareness to experience a specific emotional level.

If we glimpse into history, we will come to know that many stories which happened directly and indirectly related to love.

We have been led to believe that if we are really in love, it will last forever. However, once the experience of falling in love has run its course, we return to the world of reality and begin to assert ourselves.

Love enlightens our inner soul and discloses the blessings and infinity. Love is a positive vibe that unlocks many doors.

The commitment is because of deep association. Great poet Shah Abdul Latif narrates the human creation and the creation of the universe which relates the story of Marui with it as well as expounding general relativity between Wahadat and Kasrat.

The voice of separation symbolizes the pain and its significance. It is the pain of separation that helps human beings to realize suffering. Pain is inescapable and we all must experience and embrace it. Pain plays a vital role and develops a strong power and evaluation.

Generally, we avoid pain in our life but those who understand it, do love the pain. Pain illuminates inner soul and lead us to great sustainability and self-awareness.

Prof. Janjhi has discussed in the beginning of book that “All scientists, artists, inventors, philosophers, statesmen, religious figures had been the greatest lovers in their pursuits. Because of love of these people the impossible things turned into possible things.

All four voices encapsulate great experience and inspiration for us. As Shah Latif is the greatest figure in all times. Noor Ahmed Janjhi has embedded Shah Latif in his every voice. Voice of love uses science and spirituality to teach us how to find well-being, healing, a sense of purpose, and much more by rediscovering integrity with the help of voice of love, or the recently lost art of living true to yourself by what you do, think, and say again with the connection of love.

I would say that introducing voices among young generation and teaching the methodology of voices of love have great capability to make local person at the very best in terms of positivity, remembrance and finally, to become a good human being.

Book “Voices of love” has been written in different dimensions, including Sufism, social, political, revolutionary, and pleasant thoughts, and sensations”.

I book makes me to strongly believe that Janjhi, author of several books, has vast experience of economics, sociology, philosophy, literature, and anthropology.



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