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Brahuis are the original habitants of Pakistan!

Brahuis are the original habitants of Pakistan!
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The world’s linguists, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists agree that the first language of this region was and is Brahui.

Nazir Shakir Brahui

Every region, country and nation in the world has its own historical, regional, cultural, religious and political affiliation. Knowledge of the names of region, countries or nations is of great scientific and linguistic status. Just as Punjab is called the land of five rivers, so is Iran known as the land of Aryans. The name of Sindh has been misunderstood by Sindhi scholars as Sanskrit .However, Sanskrit the scientific form of the Udhechiya variant in 400 BC. While the word Sindh existed in the form of “Kinttu” thousands of year before the Aryans. The K became S and T changed into D sound and took the form of the word Sindh.

2-4But the earliest history of this region (Pakistan) was founded by the people of Mihrgarh and Mohen-jo-Daro – 9000 and 4000 thousand years ago respectively. The founders of these civilizations were the Proto-Dravidians and the Brahui Language and nation are the only Proto-Dravidian people in the present geographical boundaries of Pakistan. Therefore, the originators of these civilizations can be none another than the Brahuis. G.R. Hunter makes it clear that the people of these civilizations were the ancestors of the present Brahuis. The world’s linguists, archaeologists, historians and anthropologists agree that the first language of this region was and is Brahui. In these experts G.R. Hunter, Peru Marigi, MaCAlpin, Rasheed Akhtar Nadvi, Kamil-u-l Qadri, M.S. Andronov. Gankovisky and others. If the language of the Brahui people is so ancient, then surely its speakers or their own national name “Brahui “will also be ancient. Many assumptions have been made about the Brahui word, name, meaning and bases, not-historical, logical and non-linguistic. Gul Khan Naseer has termed the Brahui word as 1530 AD. And the modified form of the word BURZKOHEE. Someone has called the Brahui words a variant of the name Ibrahim. So someone has called Varaha the bases of the Brahui word. Dr. Abdul Rahman Brahui has invented a Persian story and called the basis of Brahui word a modified form of Ee +Bro words. Joseph Elfenbein called the Sraiki word ‘Brohi” the basis of the Brahui word. These are all political assumptions about the Brahui word. So that by reducing the historical orthodoxy of Brahui, they can be proved to be Baloch. So that the similarities in the basis of Brahui and Baloch names can be the same, only in Balochistan, Baloch politics can flourish. Although the Baloch came to the present geographical boundaries of Balochistan after 1200 AD, the Brahuis are the original habitants of this land and their historical antiquity is 6000 thousand years old.

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But unlike all these scribes, the Brahui word is a Proto-Dravidian word. Because in the Dravidian languages VaRa-Vata is called the North.Ko, the mountains called and E (i), the relative adjective indicates relative in relation. vaRa-vaTa Bra+ko+I word together became  Brahui word. Russia is famous Dravologist M.S. Andronov writes that, “So that the whole word should be analyzed as Brahui, bra-ui vaTa-kui. Its original meaning having been “a northern hillman”  or  northern mountaineers, or ” people of the northern hills” ,” people of northern mountains” .This word is four thousand years old and Proto-Dravidian origin. When the Aryans invaded India and Sindh in 1500 BC. The Proto- vaRakois (ancestors of the Brahui nation) were settled in the northern mountains of Sindh. According to Arial Stein “these peoples escaped being Aryanized. Dr. Ernest Trumpp has described the Brahui as people living in the northern mountains. Because they started living in the north of Sindh .Ernest Trumpp writes “referring to the geographical position of the Brahuis .Another remarkable example is the language of the Brahui in the north of Sindh and on the east of Balochistan, on the north-west of British India”.

Brahui-5Brahui-4The people of the Brahui nation never call themselves Brohi but Brahuis. Non-Brahuis call the Brahuis, Brohi. Just as the Baloch call themselves Baloch while the non-Baloch call them Barroch, Balush, Baloos and Belus. Brohi is the Arabic form of the word of Brahui. The Arabs could not pronounce the Brahui word. Many writers in Balochistan want to make the word Brahui politically contradictory by putting aside the historically journey of Brahui from vaRakoi and making non-historical, non-linguistic assumptions. So that Brahui and Baloch can be declared a nation based on non-historical facts. Baloch politicians and writers, by declaring the history and meaning of the Brahui word to be Iranian or Balochi, consider the Brahui Language to be the only language of the Baloch nation and deny the separate national identity of the Brahuis. Therefore, the Brahuis started the struggle by establishing written and political movements to prove themselves as a separate nation and ancient people from the Baloch.

Brahui-2Earlier, father of Brahui Nation Noor Muhammad Parwana launched a national movement ‘All Pakistan Brahui Association’ in 1952. But being poor, he failed in practical politics. He then called for arming his Brahui nation in the political, educational and literary fields through journalism. Referring to journalism, he wrote in his newspaper that Brahui is a nation separate from the Baloch. Father of Brahui nation said as a clear example that the Brahui nation has its own history, culture, language and land. Calling the Brahuis Balochs is a political game. He developed his weekly newspaper “eilum” means brother, to develop and promote the Brahui language. Brahui instilled in the youth a spirit of reading, writing and nationalism. He developed a script for his newspaper which is still used in Brahui books, magazine and newspapers.  Which was huge success .Among the Brahui today who are Brahui nationalist poets, writers, historians, they are his creators.

Brahui-1In 1972, during the rule of Balochistan, the Brahui youth started a movement from the platform of Brahui Students Federation (BSF) to teach Brahui as their mother tongue in Balochistan. His constitution explicitly states that ‘The three languages of the Baloch nation are Brahui, Balochi, Siraiki. We have begun to prioritize growth and development, which has put us at risk’. This means that the 1972 s B.S.F, Brahui language was considered the language of the Baloch nation. And that was the purpose of the Baloch.  This movement was not a national but a linguistic movement. Due to this movement, Governor Ghous Bux Bizinjo and Chief Minister Sardar Attaullah Mengal were forced to declare Urdu as the official language of Balochistan. Due to the tireless efforts of father of Brahui nation, in 1988, second time B.S.F. was founded. He was accompanied by Dr. Ali Ahmad Shad (Leader BSF), the famous Brahui nationalist poet Johar Brahui, Prof: Sosan Brahui, Shaheed Jan Muhammad Bismil Brahui. Shaheed Hassan Zabaad Brahui and others. BSF carried out political, educational, literary and social revolution within the Brahui nation in Sindh and Balochistan. This upset the Baloch who were doing Baloch politics in the name of Brahui. That is why today the Baloch are calling the Brahuis, who are doing politics from the Baloch platform, the number two Baloch. When some Balochs expressed their hatred towards the Brahui people, Sardar Attaullah Mengal clearly warned the Balochs, the Balochs would become a joke. So now the Baloch, the Brahuis are building their history, culture and politics on conservative and historical grounds.

In Balochistan, it is a far cry to do politics with the name of Brahui, but even talking the name of Brahui is forbidden there .The Brahuis consider it a good idea to write the name of their tribe along with their names. Yes, in Sindh, some social organizations or politicizing Brahui instead of Brahui. These include Brahui National Movement, Sindh Brohi Alliance and others. The remaining Brahui students in Sindh and Balochistan are Brahui Students welfare Association, All Pakistan Brahui Welfare Association, Brahui National Council, Brahui Students Council organizations, which are working politically, educationally literary. Prof: Afzal Gul Brahui is engaged in important political, historical, educational and political training to Brahui young nationalist on social media. The monthly Mihr Noshke magazine is also playing its role in including political, literary, research and educational interest in the Brahui youth.


Nazir Shakir Brahui - Sindh CourierNazir Shakir Brahui, based in Taluka Garhi Yasin, District Shikarpur, Sindh, is a researcher in Sindhi and Brahui languages. His area of interest is Linguistics, Anthropology, History, Archaeology, and Lexicography. He is Member of ‘Brahui Language in Pakistan: International School of Dravidian Linguistics’. Author of five books and several articles, and has also founded Brahui Research Institute.  For further information, he can be approached at email brahui5000@gmail.com, nshakir@brahui.org and visit www.brahui.org

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