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Breaking Generational Curses – A Bouquet of Poems from South Africa

Breaking Generational Curses – A Bouquet of Poems from South Africa
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I am the generational curse breaker, sent here on earth to set my people free

Dimpho Makokoe, a poet, writer, activist from Republic of South Africa, shares her three poems
Dimpho Makokoe - a poet - South Africa - Sindh CourierDimpho Makokoe is a 28 years old poetess from Boikhutso, Lichtenburg in the North West Province, Republic of South Africa. She is a poet, writer, activist and founder of Kgolo Mo Lefatsheng Talent Harbor. She was an intern for Leaders in Motion Academy, being one of 5 writers in North West Province to write the Motswako Documentary. She was also a Content Contribute for Moses Kotane’s Local Municipality Newsletter and recently started translating Dr KK Mathew’s poems. She is the finalist of Mzansi Arts and Music Awards Provincial 23 for Best Poet/Writer.
Dimpho Makokoe has worked with various Departments, Organizations, Youth, Schools and Churches in collaboration with her organization, being Kgolo Mo Lefatsheng Talent Harbor. This year she was elected as the Chairperson of Ngaka Modiri Molema District for North West Federation of Community Art Centers. She believes in purpose, gift and talent.

freedom- MNDPBreaking Generational Curses

When I heard my inner voice speak

My blood boiled

As it did boil

I gained strength

With every sweat dripping like heavy rain

What held me broke loose

Not externally for it all began internally


I broke free from you “Can’t”

The so called Impossibilities

For I wanted what they said my bloodline

Shall never have as it has never happened

In the history of the family tree

I said not in my name

Not in my name for I came bearing a seed

A seed planted by the unseen

Watered by the unseen

The creator of it all

The fire within spread through my eyes

Like a furnace

Those of dark hearts and poisonous words

That block others blessings

Every one of them ran away from me

For the sight of me burned the hate in them

The curse of them

All deemed redundant

As the family spider web grew

I too grew fiercer in spirit

As I fueled

And I embodied fire

All the curses, the chain

It all broke loose


Simple because I had unshakable faith

That all can be done

But just not in my name

I came here to light the path

Of those that are alive in the future

Yet unborn in the flesh

I came here to earth as a lighthouse

Not a kindle that will be hidden under the table


My voice spoke

The sound of thunderbolt from inside me

Cleansed my DNA free and made me

Immune to any kind of curses

I am the generational curse breaker

Sent here on earth to set my people free



I thank you


For creating heaven and earth

For filling earth with

Plants and animals

So I may have dominion on them

Thank you


For loving me

For you gave me power over what was before me

I am an animal and a plant

For parts of me are parts of them

For from them

The traits you passed to me

Parsing mine by giving me



The ability to discern right from wrong


Now that you


Revived me

The plants, animals and I

Are one

As I’m one with you

I thank you

For loving me

For you created me in your image

Your kingdom on earth

You gave to me

To rule and dominate

Now my soul composes songs with birds

As plants dance to our melodies

Backing us up with fragrances

As we all together

Give praise to the creator of us all

You God of ages

The redeemer of all

Thank you for reviving me

Opening my chakras to the power in me

To connect


Converse with more than human

For even I can revive a dying flower

Just as the smell of flowers

Can revive my dying sense of smell

I too can revive a dying animal

Just as much as it’s marrows

Strengths my dying bones

I, plants and animals

Your creations

Have come together as one

Each a protector of another

Each a home to another

For your revival


Reached more than just my mind

But the spirit in me

That plants and animals

Surrender to

For they know

That is the leader of them

Given dominion

Over them

Though I came after

For you said

The first shall be the last


The last the first


Let the revival spread

Be contagious


Man, animals and plants

Living in harmony

For each on is one.


Spreading-Love-The-Environment-1024x640Phases of Me

Let my mind be your host

My spirit a keeper of the breath of you

My soul your orchestra

Manifest physically through me

Sing through me

Bless through me

Guide through me

Lead through me

Light the path through me

Abide in me

As I in you

Fill me with your wisdom

My heart with your loving kindness

My mind let I learn to forget

So it may forgive with no terms

Let no condition separate me from your love

In your presence I found refugee

For you kept me

Saved me

Redeemed me

Walked this path

Of uncertainty with me

As I transform

Let you be the one

Who guards me

I grant you a room

Do as you might with me

Till I become whom you’ve ordained

Whom you’ve destined me to be

Dwell in me God

Fill me with the Holy Spirit

My mind occupy

Cover me with your glory

As you work in me

Word go out from me as work

So that I play a role

In the kingdom of God

Transform my mindset

So I may be set to you

My God


I love you

For I see that love

Through practice of love

Does one gets beautified

From inside to the outside

Let your love spread.  


Jasna Gugić - Croatia- Sindh CourierReceived the poems from Jasna Gugić, a renowned poetess from Zagreb, Croatia


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