Sun City awaits rise of “Africa’s Got Talent”

The winners of each category will walk away with Gold African 1,000,000.00 paid in the currency of their countries of…

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The grand project will be formally launched next month from South Africa to search for African Talent. Organizers are looking…

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Safaraaz Sindhi a big name in the South African Advertising Sector

Safaraaz Sindhi, known as Saf Sindhi started his career in 2010 and since then has honed his skills and garnered…

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Observations of an Expat: The Filipino Monster and Justice

Popular among the masses, Duterte is known for killing thousands of criminals and drug peddlers during his tenure as Mayor…

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In the face of ‘Vaccine Apartheid’

The South African government has aptly warned of a coming global ‘vaccine apartheid’ as wealthy countries have bought up vast…

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