Sindhi Language and its history

Research: Sindhi language and its history

Sindhi language has evolved over a period of two millennia with many waves of invasions by Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Mughals and so on. Sindh, on the north west of undivided India, had always been the first to bear the onslaught of the never-ending invaders, and as such absorbed Hindi, Persian, Arabic, Turkish, English and even […]

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The History Landlord Land and Hari

The History: Landlord, Land and Hari

File Photo Some of Sindhis’ characteristic traits such as politeness, humbleness and collaboration are rooted in fear and feebleness. Over the period, they have learned to justify their weaknesses, cleverly opting the social code, which camouflage their indecisiveness and collaborative nature. Dr. Zaffar Junejo One of Malaysian Professors told me that it’s too convenient for […]

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The History Feudal and Middle Class of Sindh

The History: Feudal and Middle Class of Sindh

It seems, the Sindhi society in its political character is not moving forward, as we love stagnancy and short-cuts for the success, whatever it might be. Zaffar Junejo  I am eye witness to Sindh’s major political initiatives. I have found most of the leadership indulged in abstractive ideas, discussing issues with non-substantive arguments and possessing […]

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history- Courtesy Dreamtimes

The History: Sindhi Politicians and the Press

‘The Muslim leaders have never encouraged newspapers in Sind. The lesser the people know about their wrong doings the better for them. When any election approaches sundry weekly or bi-weekly papers come out to carry on the electioneering propaganda. These papers die away as soon as the elections are over and purpose is served. Many […]

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