Colonial Myths - Muhammad-bin-Qasim

Colonial Myths about arrival of Muslims in Sindh

Rethinking and re-imagining Sindh’s past – especially concerning the era starting from Mohenjodaro and ending in Muhammad bin Qasim’s arrival is crucial By Manan Ahmed Asif It is a fact not so easily known, thus rarely acknowledged, that the British colonial project in India at one moment turned into an excavation of India’s pasts. This […]

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History- The Original Anti-Vaxxers

History: The Original Anti-Vaxxers

When widespread vaccination was introduced there were objections – some justified, some not. By Patricia Fara Anti-vaccination protests are nothing new, although in the past they did have some justification. When Edward Jenner introduced smallpox inoculation at the end of the 18th century he was widely derided as yet another quack trying to make a […]

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