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Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-XXXIX

Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-XXXIX

The English translation of a novel ‘Maharaja Dahir’ authored by Kolkata-based renowned novelist Debasree Chakraborti in Bengali language. The novel has been translated by Rajesh Giri

That evening the conversation went on for a long time between Abu Talib and Dr. Iqbal. At one point Abu Talib said, “Many people have come in my life, everyone has mixed with me for their interests, I myself have mixed with everyone like a selfish person, but I have never had such a selfless friend like you. As far as I understand you have nothing to gain from me, but I have a lot to gain, my friendship is based on interests, but, why are you helping me?”

“Behold, consider this also to be the will of Allah! The destruction of my entire family in the war of Syria and the assignment of my wealth to the destruction of the enemies of Islam, all this is His will. I never would have invested money for this crusade if my family hadn’t died. I am also with you for interest. Friends of those who wreak havoc in Syria are also my enemies. I want the destruction of India, so I am with you.”

“Let’s now keep these aside, I am showing you something very important, look at this.” Dr. Iqbal sent the pictures to Abu Talib on WhatsApp from his mobile phone. Then he said, “The jagirdar Sarfaros and Ahmad you mentioned a while ago, look, they have secretly met with Hafiz Syed.”

Abu Talib was surprised and said, “How do you know Ahmed and Sarfarosh?”

“Look, who are these people to whom I am handing over crores of rupees? And are they using the money in the right place? Of course I need to know all these. Just by looking at this picture you can understand that my people are everywhere. I can tell you that they are doing a lot of things without letting you know.”

“Honestly, by Allah I don’t know anything about this meeting, I don’t even know when they secretly met Hafiz Syed. I am supplying the weapons by myself, so I will keep this money under my control, first I get the payment for my weapons, then I will hand over this money to them.”

“But if you keep this money in Basir Ahmed’s bungalow, you will lose it. You keep the money in a place where they can’t take it.”

“Look, I don’t trust the people I know in Lahore, so there is no one here who can be trusted to keep so much money. If you can find me a safe place that would be great help.”

“Well, then I am keeping this money in my flat, I will deliver the money whenever and wherever you say. If you need more money, tell me, I will deliver that too. But the attacks on India should be done properly.”

Abu Talib sipped the scotch and said, “Verily Allah has sent you to me as a messenger. People like you can be trusted blindly.”

At that time the intercom phone rang, there was one in Abu Talib’s bedroom. He picked up the phone and listened to the caller, then he looked at Dr. Iqbal and said, “You ordered food from Hotel La-jawab in Lahore?” Iqbal nodded in agreement, and Abu Talib asked the delivery boy to come inside.

Delivering the food the boy left. Iqbal said, “Even today it seems that Sarfarosh and Ahmed have gone to a meeting with Syed.”

“Maybe, I was told there was a special task to do. Meanwhile, Basir Ahmed also fell ill after coming here. Everything is going strange. All is Allah’s will.”

Scotch is not intoxicating, but after a few sips, Abu Talib seemed to be in a daze. Dr. Iqbal understood the situation and asked, “With the little amount of money I am giving you, it is not possible to buy such a large amount of weapon. So where do you get so much money? And as for the economic condition of this country, they do not have the financial power to launch such a large attack. So?”

Raja Dahir - Bengali book
Maharaja Dahir – A novel authored by Debasree Chakraborti in Bengali language

—A neighbouring country is giving. A terrorist attack on India will create pressure on everything including economy, politics in India. Now India is winning in world politics, therefore that country wants to defame India in front of the whole world, so this kind of attack will be carried out.”

—But it is the Muslims who are being affected.

—So what! My job is to sell weapons, that’s what I’m doing. The way Muslims are persecuted in India, suppose a Muslim brother commits a suicide attack to avenge the insult of another Muslim brother. And there are two Hindus among them.

—What do you mean? Tell me clearly where the attacks are going to be?

Pouring Scotch into the glass, Abu Talib said, “Why do you want to know so much?”

—I’m paying, so I have the right to know, and you can see where my people are not! I have people in India too. If there is any obstacle to this attack, I will send my men to remove the obstacle.

Abu Talib said while sipping his Scotch, “This attack will happen in four places at the same time. Mithila will cross the Attari border and enter India. Then she will take a flight from Amritsar Airport to Delhi. Will stay at one of the relative’s house of Sarfarosh in Delhi, where Mithila will spend a day as Sarfaroz’s relative, Fiza alias Mithila will go to India for treatment. She will go to visit a doctor at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi. Mithila’s sister Sanghamitra will cross the border with her family to Gujarat, India, two days before Fiza goes there to see a doctor. From there they will reach Ahmedabad station by bus, from there their train will depart for Jaisalmer. On the same day that Mithila goes to see the doctor, Sanghamitra along with her family board the train from Ahmedabad station to Jaisalmer.

At that time a terrible human bomb will explode in the home state of the Prime Minister of India, and All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi and Ahmedabad station will be bombed simultaneously.

—And the other two explosions?

—We have sent another human bomb Abdul to Kolkata, India, where his fake identity card has been prepared. He also had a membership card made at the National Library of Kolkata, on the same day Abdul will commit suicide attack at the National Library of Kolkata. The magnitude of this attack would be so intense that the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi, Ahmedabad Station and the National Library would cease to exist after the attack.

—And the fourth attack?

The militants of the Islamic State from Syria who are in Tharparkar will cross the Harami Nala and enter the Rann of Kutch in India and mingle with the common people, then they will take the boats of local fishermen and enter the port of Kadani, who are close to the current Prime Minister of India, and commit suicide attacks.

This means that the four pillars of India— healthcare system, transport system, India’s knowledge base and economy will be hit. Wow! Very good. But I want to know one thing, how do you know that on which particular train and on what time Sanghamitra’s family is boarding for Jaisalmir by train from Ahmedabad station.

From Tharparkar, many Hindus go on pilgrimage to India from time to time, and many people also visit their relatives. All their transportation arrangements are made by a person named Fakir. Ahmed has a very good relationship with this fakir, all the travel schedule of Sanghamitra’s family was done through Fakir. He told everything to Ahmed.

—Abu Talib, it is very late now, let’s have the dinner.

After having dinner Dr. Iqbal said, “Abu Talib the scotch seems to have had an effect on you, be careful at night I have to get up now.”

Please stay for half an hour more, sometimes it is very good to relax body and mind. Can’t hold so many stressful thoughts in the head for long.

A soft santoor music is playing in one corner of the room. Besides, there is very tranquillity around, the AC is running inside, the doors and windows are closed all around. So no outside sound comes in.

After being quiet for a while, Abu Talib said, “Iqbal, is there any mention of Dahir’s diary in Surya Devi’s diary?”

—Before that you tell me why did you give me this diary? There are many people you know who speak Sindhi, if you give them, they would read it, so why me?

—Because I don’t trust any of them.

—So how do you believe me?

—I reached Istanbul airport and inquired about your family. Your family is a very famous family in the Islamic world. And everything you told me was true. You have no one else in this world, the one who has no one is completely dependent on Allah, who can be trusted.

—If I hand over Maharaja Dahir’s diary to you, what will you do with it?

—I have to hand over to a neighboring country. In return they will buy several weapons from me.

—Yes, I found out where Dahir Sen’s diary is, by reading Surya Devi’s diary. I will personally hand over that diary to you. On the day there is the terrorist attack in India, I will organize a victory festival at my own expense in this bungalow, while sitting in this house and initiate the explosions by remote control. Then I will hand over this diary to you.

Abu Talib fell half asleep due to intoxication. Dr. Iqbal said, “I’m going with this basket of apples, now you take rest, I will deliver this money safely to you in time as per your wish.” Before leaving Dr. Iqbal placed the scotch bottle carefully in a certain safe place. (Continues)

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Debasree Chakraborti - authorDebasree Chakraborti is a renowned novel writer of Bengali language. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, she has done Master’s in Modern History from the Kolkata University, and authored some thirty books, mostly the novels, with historical perspective and themes. Her most recent novel is ‘Maharaja Dahir’ that covers the history of Sindh from 662, the year of first attack on Sindh by the Arab armies till date.

Rajesh Giri - TranslatorRajesh Giri, born in Kolkata, had his early schooling from Kolkata and then from Medinipur—a village in Bengal. He graduated from Calcutta University with Physics and Maths and Master’s from Burdwan University in 2016. Now he is associated with Adhdhyaan educational institution teaching Physics. History enthusiastic Rajesh Giri is particularly interested in the ancient civilization of India and other regions like Egypt, Mesopotamia, and North America. He loves traveling.



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