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Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-VII

Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-VII

The English translation of a novel ‘Maharaja Dahir’ authored by Kolkata-based renowned novelist Debasree Chakraborti in Bengali language. The novel has been translated by Rajesh Giri 

It is written somewhere in the middle of the city, —I love Raqqa. Vegetables and fruits are being sold in carts by the side of the road, girls wearing burkha went out for their necessary work. A few years ago when this city was in control of the Islamic terrorists, the women are not allowed to step on to the streets.

He saw a small bookstore by the side of the road, he has always had a strange addiction to reading books, to have a look on what kind of books are available in the bookstore in such a country he was about to enter into the store, at once a small black metallic board caught his attention just in front of the shop where it’s written “Racca Book Store”. A bullet went through the middle of the board, while he was watching the hole a car stopped on the road behind him. A few people came out and wrapped him in a black cloth and picked him up in the car. He tried utmost to save himself but in vain, because everything was happening so fast.

Unconsciously he feels that someone is calling his name. Panchajanya, get up, how can you finish your task if you are so weak.

Raja Dahir - Bengali bookThe sound is coming from a distance as if through a cylinder. Whatever he was experiencing all this time started disappearing. He is trying to open his eyes, everything is very dark, and he still does not understand if he is dreaming or real! One of them is standing, slowly everything is getting clarity. He can see Chadda Sir. Chadha sir is leaning towards him. Panchajanya is trying to speak, slowly he said,” Sir, am I alive?”

Chadda sir said it was your test in which you passed. You did not open your mouth even in the face of death, usually in such harsh situation many people give up.

Panchjanya said in a choked voice, “Sir, I could have died.”

– No, death would not happen, because we know our limits. You have embarked on a very dangerous mission. You have passed this test, so now I will tell you about our secret mission, listen carefully to what I am saying.

— Dahir, the last Maharaja of Sindh, has been stigmatized as a coward in the pages of history. Mehboob Laghari, our agent in Aamir pur Khas, Sindh Province, Pakistan, informed us that Maharaj Dahir Sen used to keep records in his diary during the Arab invasion, which is hidden in a secret place in Pakistan, from where it will be recovered and auctioned.

If Maharaja Dahir’s diary has been discovered, the history of Arab conquest of Sindh will change completely in the history of Bharat.

Panchjanya said, how did Mehboob know this secret?

— People of Maharaja Dahir’s time had the habit of writing diaries. Especially those who were associated with the administration, they kept records of their daily activities. A few days ago, China was working on a big project in Sindh province, when they found a house while removing the soil along the river, which may have gone under the ground due to a natural disaster. A lot of valuable furniture, ornaments, and some coins of the time of Maharaja Dahir were found in that house. Also found a strange journal, the same journal as you emailed the photo of Surya Devi’s diary. It says that the diary written by Maharaja Dahir, after his death, was hidden by his followers in a place where the wealth of the god Indra lies. That person has written a riddle. The inscription is written in Sindhi, meaning

‘Priceless treasure of king Indra lies where

Search for the diary of King Dahir there’

Since reading this puzzle, Pakistanis have thought that the diary is hidden in an ancient temple of Indra. But almost all the ancient temples have been desecrated and transformed into mosques. A group of Pakistanis are hired by China to find out the ancient Indra temple in Sindh province. We want the glory of India to return to us before it goes up for auction. If Maharaja Dahir’s diary has been discovered, the history of Arab conquest of Sindh will change completely in the history of Bharat.

Chadda Sir hold Panchajanya’s hand tightly and said, “Dr. Iqbal Feroji your task is to bring back the diary of Maharaja Dahir Sen, as you have earlier recovered the diary of Surya Devi, I strongly believe that you will be succeeded in this task.”

Panchjanya gets up from the bed and keep staring at the white wall in front of him, yet dizzy, he sees the jackals are tearing apart the mutilated remains of thousands of Hindu men and women, Hindu settlements and temples in the surroundings are burning and smoldering. He can hear his Grandpa’s voice, Dadu saying,

—Do you understand the termites? Once it hits, it kills even a giant banyan tree. They are termites, once they enter, they will destroy the whole country. I don’t want any other family to become a refugee and ousted from their own soil, I have seen with my own eyes that the foxes are enjoying on the hands and feet of my own family members. Even today I carry the load of the death of my two sisters.’

Chadda Sir looked at him and said:

Panchajanya is the name of the conch of Shri Krishna. The Battle of Kurukshetra was started with the blow of this very conch. When the sin is full war is inevitable. Dr. Iqbal Ferozi you are the Arjuna of today’s Kurukshetra. As Arjuna took revenge for stripping Draupadi, so you have to take revenge for the humiliation of Surya Devi and Parimal Devi, the two daughters of Raja Dahir including of hundreds of Sindhi women, who have been waiting for their revenge for 1500 years. The women of your family also had been desecrated by the molesters, members of your family was murdered by them.

—        The Time and identities have only been changed. What happened to the life of Maharaj Dahir that day, similar incident happened in your family too. King Dahir of Sindh and Panchjanya Sen from Zamindar Sen family of Mirzapur are united in this one place.  It is now your responsibility to make the mission Maharaja Dahirsen a success, and I know you will succeed.  The responsibility that Maharaja Dahir could not fulfill, Panchjanya Sen AKA Dr.  Iqbal Ferozi will complete.

Panchjanya shouted with all his strength of mind, “Yes sir.  Mission Maharaja Dahir Sen must be successful.” (Continues) 

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Debasree Chakraborti - authorDebasree Chakraborti is a renowned novel writer of Bengali language. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, she has done Master’s in Modern History from the Kolkata University, and authored some thirty books, mostly the novels, with historical perspective and themes. Her most recent novel is ‘Maharaja Dahir’ that covers the history of Sindh from 662, the year of first attack on Sindh by the Arab armies till date.    

Rajesh Giri - TranslatorRajesh Giri, born in Kolkata, had his early schooling from Kolkata and then from Medinipur—a village in Bengal. He graduated from Calcutta University with Physics and Maths and Master’s from Burdwan University in 2016. Now he is associated with Adhdhyaan educational institution teaching Physics. History enthusiastic Rajesh Giri is particularly interested in the ancient civilization of India and other regions like Egypt, Mesopotamia, and North America. He loves traveling.




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