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Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-XIII

Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-XIII

The English translation of a novel ‘Maharaja Dahir’ authored by Kolkata-based renowned novelist Debasree Chakraborti in Bengali language. The novel has been translated by Rajesh Giri

Dr. Iqbal said, I fell asleep after Maghrib prayer, meanwhile it is time for Isha prayer. Will talk to you after prayer. Dr. Irfan went to pray, but Abu Talib did not. At nine o’clock night they are having their dinner, at that time Dr. Iqbal asked, “Abu Talib, I thought you were a good Muslim, don’t you pray?”

Abu Talib smiled and said, “A good Muslim should only pray? Not at all, I think the security of Muslims must be protected, as the attacks on the Muslim community are coming from all around, we must also make arrangements to counter the attacks, so that Muslims like you can pray safely.”

—So you went to make that arrangements for these two days?

Abu Talib’s forehead fold in anxiety, he said, “the condition of Pakistan is not good, friend. Now Sindh province is also demanding independence. The people of Sindh are joining forces and being united against the local jagirdars and the government of Pakistan. They have not yet become as powerful as the Balochs, but if somehow they get India’s assistance, then the situation will go out of our hands.

Dr. Iqbal raised his head from the plate of chicken tikka and said with a very worried face, “Oh Allah, so much is happening, and we know nothing! Tell me what to do to keep Sindh under Pakistan’s control.”

Abu Talib said, “I am supplying arms to the jagirdars of Sindh, besides sending some fidayin of the Islamic State to Sindh.”

Dr. Iqbal said, “Islamic State is a banned organization right? You send them to Sindh, if they are caught by the Pakistan army at the border!

Raja Dahir - Bengali bookDr. Abu Talib put his two hands on the table. Leaning towards Iqbal he said, “You are saying you will work for the protection of Islam, but you do not have this little knowledge. Just staying at home and praying to Allah wouldn’t work? The external circumstances have also to be considered. In these few years, we have built madrassas in each and every alleys of Sindh, from where the process of radicalization into children of every lane has been started. They are being trained to become fundamental Muslims and be bound for the holy (Pak) land forever.”

—What are the identities of these Islamic State fighters?

—Afghan refugees, Yemeni refugees these are their r identities.

—Pakistan government is hosting Yemeni, Afghan and Syrian refugees in Sindh province. Phew! Keep all these aside, tell me how the kebabs turned out.

He wrote that fifteen militants are sheltering in Darparkar in Sindh. Suitable accommodation and jobs should be arranged for them. They are going to launch an attack on the rebels of Sindh

Really, the more I see you, the more I am surprised, I am blessed to have such a virtuous person as a friend. Listen, I want to offer some gifts to these refugees.

Abu Talib was very excited and said, “Friend, what gift do you want to give?”

Dr. Iqbal said, you just tell me where these warriors are taking shelter in Sindh province, I want to arrange their accommodation, so that they can complete their work more safely. Not only that, I also want to arrange some work for them. So I want their names along with their photographs.

Abu Talib kissed Dr. Iqbal’s palm and said, “I am blessed to have a friend like you by my side in this crusade. Fifteen of them are going to Darparkar. The jagirdars certainly provide their accommodation, but those are very unhealthy arrangements. See if you can do anything.”

Dr. Iqbal said, Amen.

That night when the entire city of Raqqa, including Abu Talib, was in a deep sleep. Iqbal started sending secret messages on WhatsApp from his mobile phone. He wrote that fifteen militants are sheltering Darparkar in Sindh. Suitable accommodation and jobs should be arranged for them. They are going to launch an attack on the rebels of Sindh, so they must be kept under observation as soon as possible. And let arrange my visit to the city of Rohri, otherwise an important landmark in the history of Sindh will be lost. Dr. Iqbal hears a thud.

When he finished sending the messages, he immediately removed the SIM, destroyed it and flushed it in the commode. (Continues)

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Debasree Chakraborti - authorDebasree Chakraborti is a renowned novel writer of Bengali language. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, she has done Master’s in Modern History from the Kolkata University, and authored some thirty books, mostly the novels, with historical perspective and themes. Her most recent novel is ‘Maharaja Dahir’ that covers the history of Sindh from 662, the year of first attack on Sindh by the Arab armies till date.  

Rajesh Giri - TranslatorRajesh Giri, born in Kolkata, had his early schooling from Kolkata and then from Medinipur—a village in Bengal. He graduated from Calcutta University with Physics and Maths and Master’s from Burdwan University in 2016. Now he is associated with Adhdhyaan educational institution teaching Physics. History enthusiastic Rajesh Giri is particularly interested in the ancient civilization of India and other regions like Egypt, Mesopotamia, and North America. He loves traveling.



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