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Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-XXVI

Maharaja Dahir – Resurgence of Sindh – Part-XXVI

The English translation of a novel ‘Maharaja Dahir’ authored by Kolkata-based renowned novelist Debasree Chakraborti in Bengali language. The novel has been translated by Rajesh Giri


Year 2021

The streets are dreadfully gloomy now, there is no source of light except a few street lights here and there. The desert wind from the surrounding was sweeping away the pieces of paper and dust lying on the road. In the distance, the dotted lights of the barbed wire of the border is visible. Crossing the Tharparkar bazaar, a few shadow men disappeared into a dark alley.

Now only the tapping noise of leather shoes is audible. Walking along this lane, the noise of shoes entered the narrow lane on the right. This road is very dirty, people usually do not come this way. Hindu sweepers live on both sides of this street. While walking along this lane, another lane went to the right, entering that lane and coming in front of the second house on the left, the tapping of shoes stopped. Then after knocking the door three times, the door opened from the inside. Three men entered the house. Two rooms are there side by side in a small courtyard. The door of one room is open, the light is on inside the room, and another room is shut. A window is there in between two doors of the rooms. Light pours through the windows onto the courtyard outside.

One in three people watched the time on the mobile phone, it was 2:30 am. They entered the house and realized that it was actually a single room with two doors. Long beds are arranged on the floor of the room.

At one corner of the room something is tied up in two sacks. After examining all around the house, one of the visitors said, “Masha Allah, Dr. Iqbal is really incomparable! In a very small period of time he made such a good arrangement! These are the real servants of Allah, who have come down to us from Paradise to carry on His work.

There were fifteen persons in the house, one of them said, “Allah’s mercy, this house is surrounded by scavenger’s houses, it is very difficult to find us, besides, no one from the city comes in this way.”

One of the three visitors said, “We have to leave before dawn, and after a while the prayers in the mosque will begin, and besides, the people of this region get up early and go to work. We need to finish our work as soon as possible.”

The two of them closed the windows and doors of the room, then all eighteen of them sat in a circle on the bed spread on the floor. One of the visitors spread a map and flashed the flash light of cell phone on it and pointed out three prominent places on the map and said that these three places will be exploded at the same time. If these three places can be detonated, a large number of Indians will be killed at a single time, which is no less than the Mumbai attack. But these three places are strictly secured, impossible to carry any explosives. So we have to figure out how to detonate. You have a lot of experience in blasting, give your opinion.

Everyone became silent for a while, then one of them said that on August 28, 2009, Al Qaeda sent a human bomb to kill Prince Mohammed bin Nayef of Saudi Arabia. The bomb was surgically implanted into the abdomen of this human bomb, thus preventing it from being detected. The human bomb can be blasted by remote control by reaching the right place.

One of the three visitors said, “Many Hindu families are now fleeing to India from here. Any member of such Hindu family should be trained as a human bomb and sent. But where can I get such fellow in this short time!”

One of the visitors said, “Sanghamitra’s family has been trying for a visa to India for a long time, where her grandpa’s brother live with his family in Jaisalmer. Before death, two brothers want to meet once, but they are not getting any visa.”

—You are doing nikah with her on next Friday, right? And she will be converted also on that day before nikah, then how will you send her?

—After three months of nikah, Sanghamitra, like other Hindu girls, will be thrown into a brothel. But we will use her for better religious purpose. If these things were known earlier, her sister Mithila could have been made into a human bomb instead of being sold.

—There is no use in regretting now, better to find out way to plant Sanghamitra in our purpose.

Raja Dahir - Bengali book
Maharaja Dahir – A novel authored by Debasree Chakraborti in Bengali language

One of these three strangers is Ahmed, Sanghamitra’s lover. He said, “There will be no nikah on Friday, Maulvi Sahib will come and convert Sanghamitra. Then I will convince her that Nikah is not possible right now due to some unavoidable reasons, so you are first converted, and Nikah will be arranged after some time.”

—And how the bomb will be inserted into her body?

Abu Talib is another one of those three. He said, “I have a very small powerful bomb. This bomb can be controlled from far away by remote sensor. This detonator can be used very easily in this task.”

Ahmed said, “Sanghamitra, after getting converted on Friday will be fed sweets. After eating that sweet, she will start having terrible pain in her stomach. There is a doctor I know in a hospital, in exchange of money he can do whatever you want. We will take Sanghamitra to that doctor, who will operate and insert the bomb into her body. When she will regain consciousness, she will be told that she had appendicitis, so she had to be operated on immediately. Then what we have to do in between is to arrange the visa of Sanghamitra’s family.”

Sanghamitra will be convinced to visit India with her family for a few days, in the meantime her body will recover, and then their marriage will be organized.

Abu Talib said: ”Beside Sanghamitra, we want two more suicide bombers. If two more people like her can be found, then it’ll be fantastic.”

The third visitor said, “We converted this Sanghamitra’s sister to Islam two years ago; she was married to a local youth, after three months an ex-soldier, a resident of upcountry, bought her. I heard that he offered Mithila to many people among his acquaintances. He is willing to do everything in the name of crusade. This Mithila can be used as another suicide bomber.”

Abu Talib asked, “But how will Mithila be sent to India? Sanghamitra will leave with his family, but Mithila! How can she be sent across the barbed wire?”

The third visitor said, “You do not have the idea of power of jagirdars of this province, that’s why you are saying so! There is nothing I can’t do. It is through my hands that girls like Mithila are trafficked all over the world. Passports and visas for these girls are prepared by my people. My family came to this country in 1947, then drove away the Hindus from this country. The work that I am now doing on my own responsibility. My uncle lives in Delhi. Mithila’s name is Fiza now, I will make fake passport of Fiza and send her to India as my relative. A suicide bomb will also be inserted into Fiza following the same process of medical operation. Then she will cross the Wagah border through tight security and enter India. And the third suicide bomber will also be from here.”

— In these border areas the Madrasas have their primary task to convert poor Hindus, in the name of education they are being turned into robots in these Madrasas. They can kill others as well as himself in the name of Jihad. One of them will be made into the third suicide bomber.

Abu Talib said, “Three suicide bombers have been selected, now let’s discuss about what you fifteen guys will do. You will enter India through Harami Nala. The temperature in this area is more than 60 degrees during the midday noon, so the security will be less dense during this time. At this time you will enter India. You will have advanced weapons and oxygen cylinders with you. You will be dressed in such a way that you will be in resemblance with the landscape of this region. Your first task after entering India will be to blow up their army camp. Then you will attack the nearby villages and start killing the local people, then wearing the clothes of local people from those villages you will mingle with the common people of Gujarat. You will have all necessary documents, duplicate passports and identity cards. From there you will attack the Mundra port using the boats of local fishermen. This port belongs to Kadanis, currently who are closest to the Prime Minister of India. If this port can be blown up, it will shake the foundation of Indian politics and economy.”

—”We have never worked in India, so how can we recognize this port,” said one of the fifteen Jihadi militants.

One of them, Sarfaroz said, “I told you, a jagirdar of Sindh province can do everything. We have men in the village near Harami Nala, who will guide you by water to the port of Kadani.”

—But how do we recognize him? Because that time we will kill whoever we find in front. If that person dies in our firing, then our purpose will not be successful.

Sarfaroz said, “The person is now in Pakistan. From here he will guide you across the Harami Nala. So don’t worry.”

—after the task is over you need to stay among the common Indians until further orders come.

Abu Talib said, “If this mission becomes successful, we will send many more Islamic State soldiers from Syria to sabotage India. Now it is time for Fajr prayer, and after a while the local people will wake up. Now we will get up. Let me tell you something before going. Every evening you will get training for this operation in the middle of the desert five minutes walk from where you are working. Tomorrow a man named Zuben will be standing at the gate of Coal Mines wearing a green kurta and turban, your job is to follow him forward. Now we have to get up.”

When the three of them exited the alley and gradually disappear into the darkness, after a while, Chadda sir received a WhatsApp message about a planned attack on Mundra Port, and Al Qaeda-style suicide attacks on three populated places in India. Sanghamitra, Mithila— bombs will be surgically implanted in their bodies, the third person is yet to be fixed. (Continues)

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Debasree Chakraborti - authorDebasree Chakraborti is a renowned novel writer of Bengali language. Based in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, she has done Master’s in Modern History from the Kolkata University, and authored some thirty books, mostly the novels, with historical perspective and themes. Her most recent novel is ‘Maharaja Dahir’ that covers the history of Sindh from 662, the year of first attack on Sindh by the Arab armies till date.

Rajesh Giri - TranslatorRajesh Giri, born in Kolkata, had his early schooling from Kolkata and then from Medinipur—a village in Bengal. He graduated from Calcutta University with Physics and Maths and Master’s from Burdwan University in 2016. Now he is associated with Adhdhyaan educational institution teaching Physics. History enthusiastic Rajesh Giri is particularly interested in the ancient civilization of India and other regions like Egypt, Mesopotamia, and North America. He loves traveling.


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