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Breed – A Poem from Korea

Breed – A Poem from Korea

Kim, Sinyong, an eminent poet from Korea, the Land of Morning Calm, shares his poem

Kim, Sinyong

Kim Sinyong Korea Poet Sindh CourierPoet Mr. Kim, Sinyong was born in Busan in 1945. He made his literary debut in 1988 with Yangdong Poetry – ppyeogdagwijib and six other works in the first edition of Modern Poetry Thought, a poetry Mook magazine. His poetry collections include ‘Abandoned People’ (1988), ‘Record of Dog Days’ (1990), ‘Walking in a Dream’ (1998), ‘Passion of Fantasy’ (2005), ‘Dojanggol Psalms’ (2007), and ‘Bazhaul’. ‘Leaning on’ (2011), ‘Carp’ (2013), ‘Rain falls even inside the human body’ (2019), ‘Holding you, there was another life there’ (2021), collection of poems ‘The Thing to Blow’ (2009), etc. His prose collection includes ‘There’s a round, flat gaze falling away’ (2019). His full-length novels include ‘Confessions 1 and 2’ (1994), ‘The Mechanical Parrot’ (1997), ‘Where is the Moon 1. 2’, <Confessions republished under this title> (2003), and ‘Do You Know Birds?’ (2014) published. He received many literary awards. Cheon Sang-byeong Poetry Award in 2005, Nojak Literary Award in 2006, Sowol Literary Award Excellence Award in 2006, ‘Poetry of the Day’ selected by the book publisher ‘Author’ in 2007, Other awards include the 2013 Webzine Poets Square ‘Good Poetry of the Year Award’, the 2013 Goyang Haengju Literary Award, the 2017 Han Yu-seong Literary Award, and the 2021 Contemporary Buddhist Literature Award.


Hey, there are people who use cormorants to catch fish.

Oh my gosh, you can catch fish using cormorants!

To turn a winged cormorant into a sharp fishing hook in the water!

How on earth did they tame it? That cormorant…

How was it possible to raise flying cormorants?

Look, a cormorant with its neck tied with a string is nimbly diving into the water.

After a while, it leaps out of the water with the fish it caught in its mouth.

But the cormorant cannot swallow the fish it catches.

The neck is tied with a string, so even if cormorant swallow the fish, it will remain stuck in y cormorant’s throat.

All a person has to do is take out the fish caught in the cormorant’s neck.

Then the hungry cormorant dives into the water to catch fish.

This repetition is how to easily catch fish using a cormorant.

How to make a winged cormorant into a sharp fishing hook in the water

The important thing at this time is to feed the cormorant regularly at a set time.

When catching fish, keep cormorant’s stomach as empty as possible.

Then the cormorant swims harder in the water.

A hungry cormorant will not run away even if you let it into the water.

After hunting fish by going in and out of the water more diligently, when the cord around the cormorant’s neck is loosened, it can eat live fish as a bonus.

A cormorant that is well-trained will follow only the person who feeds it, just like a domestic duck.

A cormorant is skilled at catching fish due to nimble movements and webbed feet.

A cormorant has transparent protective membranes over its eyes, allowing it to open its eyes even underwater.


Look over there! Another cormorant dives into the water.

The cormorant that has its neck tied to a string and spits out the fish it caught over and over again…


Cormorant_diving_for_food_in_Morro_Bay Wikipedia
Cormorant diving for catching the fish – Photo: Wikipedia



저기, 가마우지를 이용해 물고기를 잡는 사람들이 있네

세상에, 가마우지를 이용해 물고기를 잡다니!

날개 달린 가마우지를 물속의 날카로운 낚싯바늘이 되게 하다니!

대체 어떻게 길들였을까? 가마우지를

하늘을 나는 가마우지를 어떻게 사육할 있었을까?

저기 봐, 목이 끈으로 묶인 가마우지가 날렵하게 물속으로 잠수를 한다

잠시 후, 잡은 물고기를 물고 밖으로 솟구친다

그러나 가마우지는 잡은 물고기를 삼킬 수가 없다

목이 끈으로 묶여 있어 잡은 물고기를 삼켜도 목구멍에 걸려 있게 된다

사람은 가마우지의 목에 걸린 물고기를 꺼내기만 하면 된다

그러면 배가 고픈 가마우지는, 물고기를 잡기 위해 물속으로 잠수를 한다

반복이, 가마우지를 이용해 손쉽게 물고기를 잡는

날개 달리 가마우지를 물속의 날카로운 낚싯바늘이 되게 하는

이때 중요한 것은 가마우지에게 먹이를 정해진 시간에 규칙적으로 주는

물고기를 잡는 시간에는 뱃속이 최대한 비어 있게 하는

그러면 가마우지는 열심히 물속을 헤엄치게 된다

배가 고픈 가마우지는 물가에 풀어 놓아도 도망가지 않는다

부지런히 물속을 드나들며 물고기를 사냥한 후, 목의 끈이 풀리면

살아 있는 물고기를 보너스로 먹을 있어, 그렇게 길들여진 가마우지는

마치 집에서 기르는 오리처럼 먹이를 주는 사람 뒤만 졸졸 따르게 된다

날렵한 몸짓과 물갈퀴가 있어 물고기를 잡는 데는 숙련공인, 가마우지

눈에 투명한 보호막이 있어 물속에서도 눈을 있는, 가마우지


저기 봐! 가마우지가 물속으로 잠수를 한다


목이 끈에 묶여 있어 잡은 물고기를 울컥 토해내고 토해내는, 가마우지가



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