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Canada….. A Shock Story

Canada…..  A Shock Story
The story of a poor father of a girl, who is suggested by a man to offer his daughter to a godman, as it would be like sending a son to Canada, who never returns   

Dr. Jernail S. Anand

Gita’s parents were worried. She was growing up. And the major cause for worry was that she was beautiful. Ramakant, her father, often asked himself: The girl is growing up. She has to be married off. Marry her off to any person means a lot of dowry, loans from banks, and friends, and then, there is always the fear of maltreatment by the in-laws.

Marrying a daughter off is not easy for a poor household. Ramakant was not unaware how the daughters of the poor are abducted by the powerful landlords, and raped and then, hung on trees. He had also heard stories what happened to such girls, who were later consigned to fire. And when their fathers tried to seek justice, they too were killed in accidents.

Being the father of a young beautiful girl was no less a horror, if not altogether a curse. Many young boys were already making rounds of their house. A maternal aunt had come with a marriage proposal. Five lakhs in dowry. It was a modest demand. But, Ramakant, who lived from hand to mouth, could not afford it.

The girl was growing up. There was every fear of her going astray. Or running away with some man. It might bring a bad name to the family. He had two more daughters. In all his relations, not one was coming forward with a marriage proposal for the young girl who was educated and well bred.

He used to visit a godman. Thousands of people were there to seek his blessings. He often saw some young ladies escorting the godman. They were always full of smiles. One day, he came across Guranditta, another business man from a nearby town. They were taking lunch at the paid ‘langar’. Guranditta was all praise for the holy man. His daughter Simi was already among the chosen girls who were in attendance with the godman.

Why don’t you offer your daughter to the ashram? She will spend her life happily here. Here, she can find a match also. There is no question of dowry. Both of them can serve in the ashram and lead a happy life. Guranditta painted a rosy picture of the life in the ashram. It impressed Ramakant. He could see light at the end of the tunnel.

1520221589030Once you give away your daughter, Ramakant Ji, you will not have to look back. You will get enough benedictions in return.

Why don’t you offer your daughter to the ashram? She will spend her life happily here. Here, she can find a match also. There is no question of dowry. Both of them can serve in the ashram and lead a happy life.

What have you got? Ramakant was interested to know the benefits of such a proposition.

They have given me enough money to start my own business. Now, we are having good time. The girl is living in a good environment, always in the company of the godly people, singing hymns and praying to gods. What more you want?

Ramakant was not easy to surrender. Won’t you marry her off?

Guranditta said: Why marry? They are to live here like celibates. Forget about dowry and any other problem young girls are facing. It is all godly atmosphere here. Pure and divine.

But Ramakant was not convinced. Celibate? It irked him. Why to force the girl to remain unmarried throughout her life? Isn’t it injustice, a crime? But Guranditta made his mental complexes easy by telling him that his daughter is here for the last five years. And they have not faced a single problem.

These places are not all that sacred, Ramakant had his own fears. Because he had heard the cases of many godmen who were in jails for moral crimes.

Ramakant was on the verge of deciding against sending his daughter to the ashram, when Guranditta shot an arrow, which silenced Ramakant’s doubts.

Look, Ramakant, I decided to let my daughter stay here forever because, otherwise, I would have to find out a match for her. They demand dowry, you know. We are poor people. Cannot afford rich dowry. Then, women create so many problems in the families. Tell me who is happy? I don’t want to say it, Ramakant, but I have offered my daughter to godman. Here she is better off than in any other poor household. And, when I offered her to the ashram, and signed the papers, I was given enough to run my own business. I can give education to my other daughters. For me, it is like sending a son to Canada, who does not return to you.

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Jernail Singh- Sindh CourierDr. Jernail Singh Anand is President of the International Academy of Ethics. He is author of 161 books in English poetry, fiction, non-fiction, philosophy and spirituality. The Academy of Arts and Philosophical Sciences, Bari (Italy) honored him with the prestigious position of Honorable Academic. He was awarded Charter of Morava, the great International Award in Creativity by Serbian Writers Association, Belgrade at the60th Belgrade International Writers Meeting (Oct 2023), and his name was engraved on the Poets’ Rock in Serbia. Recently, he was awarded Doctor of Philosophy [Honoris Causa] by the University of Engg and Management, Jaipur. His most phenomenal book is Lustus: The Prince of Darkness [first epic of the Mahkaal Trilogy]. [Email: anandjs55@yahoo.com]

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