Home News Chinese investors explore business opportunities in mango producing areas of Sindh

Chinese investors explore business opportunities in mango producing areas of Sindh

Chinese investors explore business opportunities in mango producing areas of Sindh

3-Member delegation meets Vice Chancellor SAU and experts of Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies

Tandojam, Sindh

A group of Chinese investors visited Sindh Agriculture University on Saturday and discussed with scientists and progressive farmers about business opportunities in the mango-producing areas of Sindh.

During the discussion, it was agreed to promote the Mango Value Addition Program to gain access to lucrative international markets.

The three-member delegation from various Chinese companies led by Ms. Jinglian Yao, a Chinese consultant for business relations in international countries, met with Dr. Fateh Marri SAU VC.

The other members of delegation were Chen Peng, Mr. He Mingchun. Pakistani businessmen Ashfaq Hussain and Syed Shakeel Shah also accompanied them.

The meeting was attended by Dean Dr. Manzoor Ali Abro, Dr. Asia Akber Panhwer, Dr. Tahseen Fatima Miano and Dr. Shahzor Gul from SAU.

Dr. Fateh Marri said that the experts of Sindh Agriculture University are working on the value addition of mango, mango processing and its by-products, and such products are of export quality.

He said that our graduates and experts are also transferring this technology to rural women and such women are doing profitable business in their homes, while the experts of the University have also successfully researched on mango products and disease-free nurseries.

Chinese-Investors-Mango-SAU-Sindh-Courier-1Vice Chancellor also highlighted the importance of agriculture in the second phase of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

Mr. Chen Peng said that they have started visiting the mango producing areas in Sindh and South Punjab, and are especially looking for the varieties of mangoes, which can be available from May to September. These mangoes will be processed in bulk and exported after value addition.

Ms. Jinglian Yao said that we are initially looking for the most suitable mango varieties for the production of mango pulp, for which we plan to purchase and process 6000 tons of mangoes in the first phase, for which we need specific weight and Commodities with high pulp content will be required.

Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar said Pakistan produces 1.8 million tons of mangoes annually, but only one percent, which is 50000 tons, is exported. While experts are doing their work to eliminate diseases in mangoes.

Dr. Asia Akbar Panhwer and Dr. Tahseen Fatima Miano, experts from the Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies gave their briefings on the mango value chain and its by-products and the efforts of Sindh Agriculture University in this regard.

On this occasion, Dr. Zulfiqar Yousafani, of the Farmers organization and a progressive farmer, said that the visit of the Chinese business delegation will provide opportunities for the mango farmers to access their products to the markets of China, and new export opportunities will be created.

Aslam Nawaz Marri, Umer Baghio, Taha Memon, Miss. Almas Zulfiqar, Osama Yousafani and others were present during the meeting.

Later, the delegation visited the Institute of Food Sciences and Technologies and appreciated the mango processing units of the University, and also visited various mango orchards. (PR)



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