Home Floods Civil society demands removal of encroachments from natural waterways in lower Sindh

Civil society demands removal of encroachments from natural waterways in lower Sindh

Civil society demands removal of encroachments from natural waterways in lower Sindh

Speakers at the conference held in Jhudo demand immediate rehabilitation of affected people, construction of homes, roads and redesigning of faulty drains of LBOD.   

By Haji Liaquat Qaimkhani

Jhudo Sindh

A conference was convened by the civil society here on Friday to raise voice for restoration of old natural waterways by removal of the encroachment from the Dhoro and the Hakro and Puran rivers.

The Jhudo and other towns of the area were flooded during the torrential rains last years due to encroachments on the old river courses.

A large number of social leaders, citizens, activists of various political and social organizations from Jhudo, Digri and Tando Bago Talukas and surrounding areas participated in the conference.

Addressing the conference, Qazi Rahim Bakhsh Sand, Qazi Karamullah, Muhammad Bakhsh Kapri, Ayub Khoso, Haji Rashid Qaimkhani, Ayaz Khoso, Jalil Unar, Shiraz Baloch, Mumtaz Khoso, Haji Ali Dalwani, Haji Fazal Memon, Aslam Mallah, Dr. Shumail Nagori, Maulana Aijaz Bhutto and other speakers said that the natural ways of water passing through Jhudo are ancient but the cattle pens have been established there encroaching upon them which has greatly affected natural drainage.

Jhudo-Conference-Sindh Courier-1Owing to encroachments, the entire area of the three Talukas and surrounding towns had to face deluge thrice in just one decade. “Not only had the encroachments over the old river courses but the faulty design of Left Bank Outfall Drain (LBOD) been devastating the towns and agricultural fields,” they said.

The speakers said that thousands of people were rendered homeless, innumerable cattle were perished and the standing crops worth billions of rupees were destroyed due to floods but the government didn’t take it serious.

They demanded immediate steps for the rehabilitation of affected people, agriculture package for the growers and construction of destroyed homes and roads.

They said that the encroachments from Nasir drainage should immediately be removed besides widening the old courses of Hakro and Puran rivers. .

They further demanded that compensation should be paid to the victims for the houses and crops destroyed in the recent floods.

Demanding removal of LBOD Chief Zarif Kedo, investigating the funds worth billions of rupees spent on the repair of saline water drains in the last fifteen years, the speakers also called for redesigning the saline water drains to save the lower Sindh districts from floods in future.



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