Home Education Climate Change has caused several new diseases in humans and animals

Climate Change has caused several new diseases in humans and animals

Climate Change has caused several new diseases in humans and animals

Animal meat should be eaten two months after vaccination, foreign experts suggest at International conference on infectious diseases of animals

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Sakrand Sindh

A two-day international conference on various infectious diseases of animals and their effects on human health started at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Veterinary University, Sakrand on Wednesday.

The experts from America, France, China and Iran shared their views on animal diseases.

Vice Chancellor of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Veterinary University, Dr. Syed Farooq Hasan, said that in the two-day international conference, the experts who hailed from different countries including USA, France, china, Iran and other countries will talk over infectious diseases and the effects of diseases transmitted from animals to humans and effects on human health besides will get a lot of information about the new viruses and diseases that occur in animals in Pakistan, including Sindh.

He said that this will not only increase the knowledge of university students but also the animal researchers.

Sakrand-Animals-Conference-Sindh-Courier-1Addressing the conference, Professor Dr. James Ecott from the United States said that due to climate change, many new diseases have arisen in humans and animals, due to which humans and animals have been affected a lot.

Dr. Kamil Tayabi, who came from Iran, said that animals play an important role in the country’s economy, which increases income due to their milk and meat.

Professor Dr. Ahrar Ahmed from China said that milking animals through vaccines and drinking, the milk by humans causes dangerous diseases.

He said that animal meat should be eaten two months after vaccination.

Sakrand-Animals-Conference-Sindh-Courier-2The conference on animal diseases was attended by the former vice chancellor of Veterinary University Sukkur KB Mirbahr, vice chancellor of Quaid Awam University Salim Raza Samo, vice chancellor of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto University Nawabshah Amanat Ali Jalbani, vice chancellor of People’s Medical University Nawabshah Gulshan Memon, Faisalabad Agriculture University Professor Dr. Rao Zahid Iqbal, Deputy Director Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Veterinary University Syed Ali Raza Shah, Registrar Muhammad Khan Bhangwar, Professor Dr. Zahid Iqbal Rajput, Dr. Hidayatullah Soomro, Deputy Registrar Engineer Aziz Ahmad Jamali and other conferences.




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