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Communal – A Poem from Bangladesh

Communal – A Poem from Bangladesh
Image Courtesy: Daily Star, Bangladesh

Hasan Nashid, a renowned poet from Bangladesh, a country known for vibrant history, ancient archeology, rich culture and beautiful landscape, shares his poem on communalism

Hasan- Bangladesh-Sindh CourierHasan Nashid (Md. Hasan Ali) was born in 1991, August 15, in the Sherpur district of Bangladesh. He has 12 published books, such as ‘Bhalobasar Proticchabi’, ‘You Can Rich’, ‘The Giantess’, ‘The Green School’, ‘My Father is My Story’ ‘The Mustard Flower’ etc.  The books are stories, essays and poems. Recently, his writing ‘Communal’ was published in the textbook ‘Business & Love’ of the English Language Education Study Program, Faculty of Language and Literature, Universitas Negeri Makassar, Indonesia, and in a research paper from PNGB, Dibrugarh University, India; University of Malta, Malta, and Jadavpur University, India. He also has several collections of essays and new and selected poems. His awards for poetry include the ‘Golden Eagle Award 2023 from Mil Mentes Pro Mexico International, Mexico’ ‘Anushilan Award for Poetry, 2016’, ‘Shishu-Kishor Phulkali, 2008’, ‘Jhal Award for Poetry, 2016’, and a language recognition from Chittagong University for his discovery of animal language patterns, 2023. There are also 20 Plus Research Presentation Awards from different countries. He travels extensively, both nationally and internationally, for poetry collections and research. He is serving as Research Director of the Sustainable Disadvantaged Development Foundation (SDDF). He is working to establish a university for the citizens of his area. Besides doing PhD research, he has also been working as editor of ‘Masik Bhor’ magazine since 2016, SDDF JOURNAL and Publication, Co-Editor ‘The Pen Magazine’ by Dr. Eva Lianou Petropoulou, Greece since 2023. The author writes fiction and nonfiction. He writes short stories, poetry, articles, essays, children books, diaries, journals, and inspiring books with drawing and sketching.


Who calls you voter friends, who wants your vote?
Look around Netaji’s, how many votes are there!
Looters now loot everything, loot rights!
Raban across the country, political benefits!
People! Or say the Prime Minister?
Whose rights are taken away by whom the interests are!
No, he is interested! Money of the country of birth?
Angel of death mace rule, Saturn’s work is warriors?
The subtle work for the sake of the greater is not the greater,
Communist ‘robbery’ inhuman!
Lalon Shah‘s caged untitled bird,
Bhasanchar‘s upbringing of terrorists!
Communal militants now attack temples.
The name of Jamaat-Shibir is being sold and eaten by Pakistani chicks.
Bureaucrats eat all alcohol urine,
A money whose corruption is diplomacy is his happiness!
If there is no education, the world is full of impurity,
The order of the law in shrine worship is as strict!
How do we want such a state religion?
Who does not insult the crime?
Wake up Muslims!
Wake up Sher-E-Bengal saint where is Arjun-Bheem?
Where is Umar-Haider-Ali, where is your hero?
Where are all your khilji who are Lovely friends?
Whose faith is adorned in the slaughter of the enemy’s army!
Their goal now is Sun-Moon!
When the world is lawless by devils,
Punishment will take a long time!


Eva Lianou Petropoulou an awarded author and poet from Greece, the cradle of Western Civilization, shares her poem



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