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Connection with people as a community – A Poem from Bosnia Herzegovina

Connection with people as a community – A Poem from Bosnia Herzegovina

Everyone in the community must respect everyone

Maid Corbic - Sindh CourierMaid Corbic, 24, from Tuzla, Bosnia Herzegovina, is awarded poet. He is the moderator of the WLFPH (World Literature Forum Peace and Humanity) for unity and world peace in Bhutan. He is also the editor of the portal of the First Virtual Art Universe, led by Dijana Uherek Stevanović, and the selector of the competition on the page of the same name, which aims to connect all poets around the world. Many of his works have been published in anthologies and magazines (Chile, Spain, Ecuador, Bosnia and Herzegovina, San Salvador, United Kingdom, Indonesia, India, Croatia, Serbia, etc.) as well as printed copies of the anthology of poems “Sea in the palm of your hand”, ” Stories from Isolation “, and” Kosovo Peony “and others. In 2020 he was named Poet of the Year in the Indo-Universe Group. He is winner of numerous awards, among them the association “KNS – Nova Svjetlost” in Sarajevo, during which he won a bronze charter for his work, which was evaluated by an international jury. Numerous revisions have been written about him. Moreover, he is Ambassador of cultural differences in Syria. He is currently on the jury of the Galaxia International Competition. He is the winner of the BigBang competition organized in Tuzla in 2021 and winner of the Arts and Culture category by the Jury.

Connection with people as a community

Everyone in the community must respect everyone.

But I can’t solve my shame

Because I am someone who is very ashamed.

But she knows I’m definitely special.

And that I have to stay awake just the way I am


I know that the meaning of the call is hope only.

And that every day I trust people

Because people are very special to me.

And I think any of us could be

Definitely happy in this life


Because I am definitely a special man.

I am the one who gives love to everyone.

For the people around you, to be happy

Every moment I believe in the world

Around myself, who is very special!


I know I’m all I want to be.

That I am still happy in all this

The meaning of life is to give myself to the community.

Because talking to others around you is good.

The thing for me when I’m very sad


And I know that love will defeat evil.

Because I trust others more than myself.

But I believe in myself.

Because the point of it all is to look forward to something.

Talk, hug, new day is coming!


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