Contemporary Sindhi Poetry

Contemporary Sindhi Poetry: Banished from the dreams

Shakeel Ahmed, a young Sindhi poet shares his Sindhi poem with English translation

Banished from the dreams even can’t find refuge in thoughts, that’s why I’m wandering even in the valleys of imagination

Shakeel Ahmed

Shakeel Ahmed, Mahrabpur town of Sindh, is a short story writer, poet and photographer. He is author of a book ‘Udas Raagi, Khamosh Saaz’, his poetry collection, published in 2017. His poetry and short stories are published in different Sindhi magazines and newspapers.


Banished from the dreams

Banished from the dreams

Even, can’t find refuge in thoughts

That’s why I’m wandering

Even, in the valleys of imagination

All the seven skies of my probabilities

Have become devoid of the stars

None of my calls make out echoes

I can’t feel difference between sadness

And happiness!

After getting exile from your orbit

The gravity of the earth doesn’t

Have any influence upon me

Even, rain having its solidarity

With you has left to wet me

None of actions have any reactions

Including God, even, Satan

Has ignored me

Even, my presence isn’t felt

By myself

Perhaps, I can’t be seen

By the world itself

For even light after striking me

Now doesn’t reflect!


Sindhi Poem

خوابن مان جلاوطن ٿيل کي تہ

خيالن ۾ بہ پناهہ ناهي ملندي

انڪري مان تصورن جي وادين ۾ بہ

ڀٽڪندو ٿو وتان

منهنجي امڪانن جا ستئي آسمان

ستارن کان خالي ٿي چڪا آهن

منهنجي ڪنھن بہ سڏ جو پڙاڏو پئدا نٿو ٿئي

مان خوشي ۽ غم ۾ فرق نٿو محسوس ڪري سگهان

تنهنجي مدار مان نيڪالي ملڻ کانپوءِ

ڌرتيءَ جي ڪشش ثقل مونتي اثرانداز نٿي ٿئي

برسات بہ توسان يڪجهتيءَ خاطر

مونکي آلو ڪرڻ ڇڏي ڏنو آ

منهنجي ڪنھن بہ عمل جو هاڻي

ڪو ردعمل پيدا نٿو ٿئي

خدا سان گڏوگڏ

شيطان بہ مونکي نظر انداز ڪري ڇڏيو آ

ايتري قدر جو منهنجي موجودگي

خود مونکي بہ محسوس نٿي ٿئي

شايد مان ان ڪري بہ زماني کي نظر نٿو اچان

جو هاڻي روشني مون سان لڳي موٽ نٿي کائي.


Translated into English by Prof. Muhammad Hashim Solangi




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