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Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Colombia

Contemporary World Literature - Poetry from Colombia-6Contemporary World Literature: Poetry from Colombia

Poems by María Del Castillo Sucerquia

Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia (Barranquilla, Colombia – born in 1997) is a literary agent, bilingual poet (Spanish and English), short story writer, proofreader, mentor, oriental medic (Neijing, Spain), ancient Chinese language student and a famous translator (from English, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, French, German and Greek). Her translations are one of the most reproduced and respected. She is Spanish translator of many writers around the world and is recognized for being the great bridge between writers and Spanish-speaking world. 

Maria Del Castillo Sucerquia - ColombiaHer poems have been published in national and international anthologies, journals, websites and magazines, and have been translated into Canadian, Bangla, Arabic, Greek, Italian and English. She has participated in national and international festivals, recitals and webinars (Filogicus, Libresta, María Mulata, Bharatha Vision, Azahar, Atunis Poetry, El Heraldo, Muelle Caribe, Crisol, Uttor Kota, Sol y Luna, Sabdakhunja, The Poet, and other).

She collaborates with translating and literary criticism in several literary magazines such as Altazor (Chile), Cardenal (Mexico), Cronopio (Missouri), Golem (Mexico), Vive Afro (Colombia), Palabrerías (Mexico), Raíz Invertida (Colombia), Burdelianas Poetry (Colombia), and other.



Blooming dinner

Apologizes, my withered violets, sweetheart

This wound suddenly jumps from my chest

Your figure resting on the table

Reflecting a lethal sun

Formerly I died of thirst

Do not be mad about this painful memory

Laugh at me

Let your vineyard grow towards me

To spread freshness with healing powers on my pistil

Your rain silences my petals’ tears

Honey of your harvest moistens my lips

From your mouth wine is my religion:

I bloom on your heart

The bite of love makes me feel alive

My violets restock the meeting point

Sacred dinner fuses our lands

Your patience makes wheat fields growing inside my ruby slit

Light’s caress elevates the golden spikes

Our wine cups collide to water the Eden

Final Bloom

The sky tells me nothing

Words are covered with cotton

And I clean my blood with its soft and white silence

I smell the rain but I forget to dance to its music

My head remembers their fingers

Playing a bird’s song with the eternal voice

When thousands of thorns spread across the earth

My branches do not follow my heart

I was worried about how to bloom

The sun does not look at the horizon

Dawn cries as prelude melody for deluge orchestra to play

The spring won’t come back to my garden

I cannot turn toward the light

My last desire:

To see my roses to bloom one more time

Passions Season

The lilies are on the floor

Your love does not warm this forest

My yellow tears miss their green dress

Natures color is an extinct species

Wind brings your pollen to paradise

But there is no womb to fertilize

This autumn has your scent

I caress my dead desires

Silver traces of your sword

Seeds are more important than flowers

Whispers spring to me

Planting Season

I caress your hand

Fertile sand opens to my seed

Sycamores’ roots penetrate the skin

Fingers shake withered stems

Feeding my golden fruit tree

Love grows on your cells

I am bereft of fallen leaves

In your palm I draw my door key

Your old age blooms at will

Sun’s travels through your veins

Planting for the heart collect:

Nectar to edify the essence


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  1. I read the poems. Your phraseology fascinates. Sublime love peeps through the keyhole of desires, a desire pulsates. Seed of passion desires to germinate.
    Your choice of words, blend so beautifully with your emotions and blossom into poems.

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